If you have learned anything from The Basketball Jones, it is that podcasting is the future. In just five short years, you can go from recording a show in your buddy’s kitchen to hosting a television program in Canada, all because of podcasting. If that’s not the highest endorsement of the art form, then I don’t know what is.

Except maybe this. From HoopsWorld:

David Stern’s recent appearance on Bill Simmons’ ESPN podcast was covered extensively at both meetings. The union wanted to give their side of the story to the players and counter several of Stern’s claims.

Nearly 70 players attended the regional meeting in Los Angeles, and the NBPA has been very pleased with the involvement and support they have received.

“The regional meetings have been highly successful,” Evans told HOOPSWORLD. “We have been able to effectively educate and update our players about the real and relevant issues we are faced with during this lockout. Most importantly, we are able to rebut David Stern’s misleading statements made in his [ESPN] podcast and national interviews. Our great turnouts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas show how unified our players are.”

This is just great. I am imagining a bunch of players huddled around Derek Fisher’s laptop while he loads up the podcast and they all pore through the episode trying to find things David Stern said wrong. Billy Hunter keeps saying “Turn it up,” even though it’s at full volume, but he can’t hear anything over Maurice Evans dying laughing at Anderson Cooper giggling about Gerard Depardieu peeing everywhere. Quite the scene.

Of course, it is a bit troubling that the union is spending an hourish of their meeting time listening to a podcast so they can zing David Stern. As much as we all love the Internet, it seems like there might be some other more productive uses of their time. Then again, there’s a Ronald Jenkees drop in the intro, so that’s hard to pass up.