It would be nice to be able to almost completely exhaust yourself trying to do crazy dunks, then still be able to throw down a between-the-legs, off-the-glass jam like it’s no big deal. That seems like a nice skill to have. Chris Andersen is jealous about it, that’s for sure.

(via Capital Games)

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  1. he should work on his defense…

  2. Trying to bring back the Artis Gilmore fro?

  3. That’s almost an AC Green jheri curl, if you ask me.

    And there are a lot of things Nick Young could work on, but dunking is the most fun.

  4. Very true… to be honest, if i was his height, with my weight, id dunk all the time… (its my grandma’s fault why im short)

  5. He sure did redeem himself by the end of the video. I think he was built to do those great dunks, he has all the physical criteria and the skill to do it. Kudos to him.

  6. Anytime Nick Young, and dunking are in the same sentence, I wonder WHY THIS BOY HASN’T BEEN IN THE DUNK COMP!

    Answer NBA. I would appreciate it.

  7. Something tells me this was his entire workout for the day. Tough D from “Big Meat” there.

    Also, nice to see SwagyPYoung was cognizant enough of his unremarkable marketing potential to also get “business tattoos.”

  8. OMG, he has “business tattoos”!!!! Outrage! WTF?! *Rant* #$ยง@&!?… /sarcasm

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