Way back in June, LeBron James and the Miami Heat lost Game 6 of the NBA Finals in a sport called basketball. It would be easy to forget such a thing, since there hasn’t been any NBA since then, but it happened. And when it did, the whole world laughed, since “LeBron James got what he deserved” or “He’s a jerk so we’re happy he lost” or “The better team won the series.” But no matter the reason, it was a time of great celebration for the very strong, very vocal anti-LeBron contingent among us.

But for the LeBron Jameses among us, it was a very sad, very boring time. From HoopsHype:

How was the week following the defeat at the Finals?

LJ: It was the worst week I ever had. I hate losing.

What did you do?

LJ: I did nothing. Nothing at all.

Sadsies. LeBron hates losing so he did nothing. Sounds about right. Sounds exactly like what you’d imagine in a movie about an athlete losing a championship (or a Jason Segel getting dumped by a Kristen Bell). Sounds like somebody saying what they expect people to hear, even if it may be true.

I am not saying that LeBron James wasn’t sad or that he didn’t not do anything, but I am saying that this is the most cliché answer that LeBron could possibly give to this question. Sure, that is how athletes answer every question, but come on. This is what would happen if you plugged this question in to a Respons-O-Meter and set the dials to “postseason sad” and then hit the boring boost.

Nonetheless, postseason failures are the kind of thing that make players better in the long run. That’s been true for years and years and years. Getting that close to a title changes things. It makes guys hungrier. It teaches them how things are different in the playoffs, then even more different in the Finals. LeBron might have given the most boring answer possible, but going through the worst week of his life will make him better. Maybe then he’ll have something interesting to say.