Way back in June, LeBron James and the Miami Heat lost Game 6 of the NBA Finals in a sport called basketball. It would be easy to forget such a thing, since there hasn’t been any NBA since then, but it happened. And when it did, the whole world laughed, since “LeBron James got what he deserved” or “He’s a jerk so we’re happy he lost” or “The better team won the series.” But no matter the reason, it was a time of great celebration for the very strong, very vocal anti-LeBron contingent among us.

But for the LeBron Jameses among us, it was a very sad, very boring time. From HoopsHype:

How was the week following the defeat at the Finals?

LJ: It was the worst week I ever had. I hate losing.

What did you do?

LJ: I did nothing. Nothing at all.

Sadsies. LeBron hates losing so he did nothing. Sounds about right. Sounds exactly like what you’d imagine in a movie about an athlete losing a championship (or a Jason Segel getting dumped by a Kristen Bell). Sounds like somebody saying what they expect people to hear, even if it may be true.

I am not saying that LeBron James wasn’t sad or that he didn’t not do anything, but I am saying that this is the most cliché answer that LeBron could possibly give to this question. Sure, that is how athletes answer every question, but come on. This is what would happen if you plugged this question in to a Respons-O-Meter and set the dials to “postseason sad” and then hit the boring boost.

Nonetheless, postseason failures are the kind of thing that make players better in the long run. That’s been true for years and years and years. Getting that close to a title changes things. It makes guys hungrier. It teaches them how things are different in the playoffs, then even more different in the Finals. LeBron might have given the most boring answer possible, but going through the worst week of his life will make him better. Maybe then he’ll have something interesting to say.

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  1. I would think the week of choking and failure during the Finals would be the worst he’s ever had…

  2. Thats the difference between him and Kobe. The week after losing the 08 Championship… Kobe was already in the gym thinking about how he can win next year.

    LBJ needs some killer instinct.

  3. +1 KingKong.

  4. Meanwhile – DRose is “humbly” predicting multiple championships for himself. Surprised to see no post on that yet. Unbelievable what people not named LeBron can get away with this summer, ha.

  5. well i mean ok what else are you supposed to do when you’re 22 and mvp while leading the league’s best team record-wise? not predict multiple championships? “i would like to do good in the regular season, see how we go from there, maybe win once if we feel really well”? hardly the same as predicting like 7 titles with a bunch of middle aged guys who haven’t played a single game together..

  6. I’m sorry but I fail to see your point man.

    “What else are you supposed to do when you’re 26 years old, the best player in the league, have won two straight MVP’s and just joined a team with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh”

    Does that logic seem okay to you? Because it’s the same thing. And when LeBron made that statement there were 4 players on the Heat. What was he supposed to say? “I hope we can make it past Boston?”

  7. There’s hate, and then there’s irrational hate.

    When two players do seemingly similar things, and one gets killed while another gets swept under the rug, that’s irrational to me.

    Bron doesn’t shake hands, he gets killed. None of the major celts players except for allen shook hands with the heat after losing, no one cared.

    Predicting titles? See above..

    Durant starring in a movie? James got killed when he was lined up to star in some god awful fantasy basketball movie..

    That’s just my point. Look at some actions that bball players do and think what would have happened had LeBron or Kobe done this, and see how the reactions would change.

  8. Last post I swear lmao:

    “Being that close [to the NBA Finals], and not getting it, hurt,” Rose said. “I just stayed inside the whole time. I didn’t go anywhere else. I wore pajamas, watched a lot of movies, drank Powerade and got delivery food.”

  9. I agree with Andy. People are always getting on LeBron’s case for doing thing (probably dumb things, not denying that) but if u are going to do that you should hold the other players to that same standard.

  10. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I read some comments from ppl who aren’t on the Lebron haters bandwagon. He deserved to be criticized for his actions, but not to that extent by any means. He’s the world’s best player and I cant wait till he learns how to be a real champion and wins multiple rings. Go Lebron!

  11. I’ll let this quote from CBS sports do the talking: “There wasn’t a free agency pursuit or “The Decision” prior to these comments. Rose made his statements overseas while on a tour rather than at a preseason parade. Rose, at 22, is younger than James was last summer (25). The NBA is heading towards a work stoppage rather than its most anticipated season in years. Rose’s comments sound more like he’s trying to pump himself up rather than shove his greatness in everyone’s face. And, perhaps most importantly of all, Rose didn’t say, “not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven” in counting off how many titles he planned to win.”

  12. You can’t just come out and say “I went on a coke binge and murdered a prostitute.” It’s called PR.

  13. Wait, what Kevin?

  14. Rose predicted last year he would win the MVP. So, I guess if I was him, I would predict a ‘ship.

    And yeah, the no-parade thing.

    Plus Rose just has a better PR track-record, which helps a lot.

  15. I disagree with your conclusion. After losing in the 2008 Finals, Phil Jackson pointed out that it is extremely difficult to bounce back after losing in the Finals. I imagine the psychological damage is staggering compared to a first, second, or third round loss. Look at the Cavs reaching the Finals in ’07 and regressing year by year after that. Or how the Magic reached the Finals in ’09 but last year they lost in the first round against Atlanta! I’m not ignoring the personnel blunders but you get my point. Just because you make the finals, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed more Finals appearances, let alone championships.

  16. Nice to see that some people feel the way I do about this. I’m a huge LeBron fan, and i thought the decision one of the dumbest PR moves.

    But people act like the preseason hype party was HIS idea. Like he picked out the centerpieces and lighting. It was a party for Miami Heat fans, not televised on national air. Only on SunSports Miami. So this was for us. And we had a blast.

    Let me remind you guys also, when we got Shaq, he came in on a monster truck to a huge concert with Ludacris (I believe) and guaranteed a title. How quickly we forget.

    DRose isn’t as humble as we’d all like to think. LeBron isn’t as maniacal as most would like to think. These players need to be confident. And while their track records are different, at some point they need to be held to a certain standards.

    I don’t see any comments on Rose choking against the Heat defense :/ because he shoot a terrible % and made very poor late game decisions while being guarded by LeBron. I’d +1 that.

  17. You’re comparing apples to oranges.Shaq in a monster truck and doing a concert is nothing compared to the parade of foolishness they put up in the AA arena last year. Nobody said Lebron hand picked the event, we all know the entire Heat organization was behind that, and it was stupid. As for Rose, he said he that he doesn’t doubt that he can win championships with his team, to me that sounds like he’s just determined and pumping himself up, unlike your boy claiming “not 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7″ and saying that games were going to be “easy”.

    Nobody is saying anything about Rose choking because he was being double teamed most of the time and is pretty much the only go-to guy on his team. He doesn’t even have a decent shooting guard, of course he’s not gonna perform well in that situation.

  18. I believe Lebron was making a joke when he referred to the games being easy, as he included Pat Riley in that statement saying he could come back and play like he did in his Kentucky days. And even if he wasnt joking, he wasnt exactly wrong, compared to what he had in Cleveland, of course hes gonna say playing with Bosh and Wade is gonna make things easy. It really bothers me that everyone makes him out to be such a terrible person. I hate the media for that. They blew everything out of proportion and the naive world bought into everything they said about him. SO stupid.

  19. Rose being double teamed? Did you watch the series?..

  20. Sounds like excuses to me. He didn’t have a good sg so of course he’s not gonna preform well… What?… The heat have a good awful center AND pg, so of course lebron choked in the finals… Right? Sounds ridiculous correct? Thought so.

  21. Excuses? Naw Buddy. The Heat also have 2 other All-Stars in Dwayne Wade at sg and Bosh at pf. Who else does Rose have? Thought so.

  22. I agree with Andy (I am a huge LeBron fan also) LeBron did make mistakes but they overshadowed his great year. LeBron had an amazing finals! not only was he clutch against boston and chicago but he destroyed the late in games. he smother this years MVP and no credit is given to him. The parade def was not his idea and dwyane wade and bosh both participated in that. sure overall as a lebron fan i am disappointed in him but i think its important to look at all aspects of his year.

  23. Alonso… point one game to me against the Heat in the playoffs were LeBron didn’t shut rose down in the final seconds (Game one i’ll give you).

    9.8….. That’s not the number of times i’m gonna cross you over…. or make you look silly… It’s my shooting percentage against LeBron in the 4th.


  24. Who gives themselves a +1? That’s like giving yourself dap, then again that doesn’t surprise me coming from a delusional Heat fan. It’s funny when you guys get all emo since most of the population outside of South Florida hates you and your team.

    The planet Saturn: 7 rings
    Michael Jordan: 6 rings
    Kobe Bryant: 5 rings
    Lebron James: a headband

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