Chris Bosh is just one of the players who has been in China with Nike Basketball for the past week. Yesterday, he tweeted a link to a video on his WhoSay account of a fan in China asking him about that massive back tattoo that has been a work in progress over the past two seasons.

Check the video, but here’s what Bosh had to say about his sizable back piece.

Bosh: I mean it’s ummm … I like art. You know, so it was pretty much just a collage of everything that I like and a lot of it, all of it has meaning. A lot of history. My history, it’s my history. Everything has, you know … it’s not done yet. It’s a work in progress, so people are “Ohh, what’s that? It’s ugly.”

Interviewer: Is there a little spot open for the NBA championship trophy?

Bosh: Yeah, I mean, it worked for Jason Terry. I might as well do it too.

Nice. I enjoy the joke about Terry. However, I do have to ask, what part of his history does the skull-eating woman represent? I know he’s recently been in court over this “Basketball Wives” drama with his ex, but damn. I wouldn’t wish skull-eating women on anyone.