Something tells me that having a guy who can stroke jumpers from the half court line like it’s no big deal is going to be beneficial for the New Jersey Nets. Just seems like a valuable weapon for some reason.

(via TrueHoop)

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  1. Two in a row in an empty gym…. pretty sure a lot of NBA players could have pulled this off.

    If it had been 5, 10 in a row– or if it had been in any sort of a pressure situation, i’d be more impressed.

  2. Remember when Steph Marbury did this in a game?

  3. I take it u guys aren’t marshon fans….plz don’t ever mention marshon and jimmer in the same sentence. Marshon Soooooooo much better.

  4. And then trey says a half court shot is decent range???? Smh…

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