We’ve seen a lot of Dennis Rodman over the past few months. First there was the jersey retiring in Detroit, then the Hall of Fame enshrinement in Springfield earlier this month. But today there’s even more of Mr. Rodman to see. While Matt Moore was all about the Pearl Jam/Rodman connect over at HP a couple of weeks ago, late last night, Spurs beat writer Jeff McDonald tweeted this gem out to the basketball world. And let us be clear: it really and truly is absolutely and entirely precious.

The scene: Pearl Jam concert in Dallas, Texas, in 1998. A bare-footed Rodman wearing only basketball shorts and a straw hat barrels onto the stage to do a mini-jig alongside the band as the crowd goes wild. He rocks out with Eddie Vedder, then takes a seat on-stage to watch the performance. Eventually, the gravelly-voiced singer ends up on the Hall of Famer’s shoulders (3:16) and things go a little crazy.

If you’re scoring at home, Vedder gets a solid 9.8 for that dismount. Very, very impressive.