As everybody knows, we’re in the middle of a lockout. While it’s led to a few really great things like a bunch of stars playing in the Philippines, summer league games that give us highlights to enjoy and the continued evolution of JaVale McGee in to a French alter ego named Pierre, it sucks. Really bad. Because we’re getting close to when the season should be starting, but it’s definitely not starting. It’s the worst.

And that’s why LaMarcus Aldridge needs to shut his dirty mouth. From the Oregonian:

No matter what kind of audience Aldridge runs into these days, the L-word inevitably surfaces, and Tuesday was no exception. And after the Trail Blazers’ power forward finished signing autographs and posing for pictures at the camp, he acknowledged there does not appear to be an end in sight for the NBA lockout, which is approaching the conclusion of its second month.

“No,” Aldridge said, when asked if there was reason for optimism. “Both sides are pretty (far) off right now. So it’s going to be a while.”

Yeah, that sucks. This is worse.

Aldridge, who is the Blazers’ player representative in the NBA Player’s Union, said he does not expect the season to start on time but does believe there will be a season eventually. That said, he is prepared to sit out all of 2011-12 if necessary.

“If that’s what it takes to get a fair deal done, then yes,” Aldridge said.

It was bad enough when LaMarcus Aldridge was saying that the two sides are far away from agreeing on a deal, because that’s obvious since they can’t even decide when to meet to talk about it, but then he has to go and say that he’s OK with sitting out an entire season if it’ll get the players a better deal. I understand that that is a valuable negotiating tactic, but is also super sad and I just don’t want to hear it.

We’re trying to have fun over here, trying to ignore the fact that our favorite sport doesn’t really exist right now, and LaMarcus Aldridge has to go and be Mr. Honesty. Such a bummer. Can’t he just say that there’s no way they’ll sit out a whole season and let us live in blissful ignorance? Why does he have to hurt us so much? I’m not crying. It’s just been raining on my face.

Maybe it’s better that we know the reality of the situation, so we can prepared for the worst case scenario, but I was perfectly happy pretending we’re just enjoying an extra long summer with lots of streetball. That was a very fun time. Now we’ve got to remember that there’s a stupidly reasonable chance that there won’t be an NBA for another year because both sides are OK with that happening as long as they get their way. Ugh.

Thanks for nothing, LaMarcus Aldridge.

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  1. Wow, you are running out of material fast. Also, I really dislike the misleading title, as if LA had said something really controversial. It’s such a cheap tactic to get clicks.

  2. I’m sure he wants this “fair deal” done….but I’d like a deal that is “fair” to the guy who buys his kid a LaMarcus Aldridge shirsey and spends money for tickets so the 2 of us can attend his games at the Rose Garden.\

    …That means basketball THIS year, not next.

  3. I’m making a lasagna…for one.

  4. jeesh; he answered a question. Trey Kirby is a douche for making nothing out of nothing.

    ~ KMM

  5. Please Shut Up, Ben.

    click that ya whiny plug

  6. FOTC reference +1

  7. Plus on what planet does he think the players will be getting a “fair” deal. Just like hockey, the owners will crush the players since the salary disparity from top to bottom is pretty nuts. What a moron.

  8. This is what Mark Cuban was talking about when he said internet reporters aren’t real reporters, Please shut up “forgettable” internet writer, Aldridge has been the saving grace for an organization in constant turmoil and you are trying to villify him for wanting to take care of his fellow players, he’s not even making max money so he’s closer to the type of people this lockout is truly effecting than the max-money-stars that will eventually wanna get this deal done and make sacrifices…ridicule someone for doing bad business, not for telling it how it is and being realistic in an interview (hard to make someone look bad when you forget to omit the fact that he sticks around to sign autographs and talk to the local press as he’s putting on camp for kids).
    And Poor on ben golliver of the blazer’s edge for even putting this link up.

  9. damn i’m WAY late for the meeting of the new zealand reference squad (NZRS)! i was gonna say sth about lasagna and how there are onions in it for some reason, but what the hell. nice1 tho

  10. Rage_quit: great insight and you didn’t even mention his on-court transformation last season! LaMarcus was asked a question and he answered that. i can only wonder if Kirby already had the headline in mind before he asked the question. either way, it’s hypocritically sad to take two quotes and post them as if that’s LaMarcus’ entire thoughts on the subject while, at the same time, David Stern is essentially using the media to negotiate the owners’ side. then again, Stern has never been one known to play fair.

    ~ KMM

  11. @ rage_quit: are you like reaaaally reaaaally intellectually challenged or something or do you just not get funny things, like, in general?

  12. @ Kassandra same question for you. some dude in this blog suggested “checking the irony detector” once, i’m just gonna reference that guy, whoever that was. so yeah, check your irony-o-meter guys.

  13. …even though the fact that someone honestly thinks that trey kErby is trying to actually hate on LMA here is pretty hilarious, i just gotta say: it was WAY funnier when some people thought the article about KD scoring 200+ points in a kids game was serious. that was classic.

  14. @telecustom: who mentioned “irony detector?” i think you’re referring to another thread. the real hate is that this writer time and time again sadly tries to make something out of nothing and he never seems to accomplish it. btw, before responding, perhaps you should check your aggression detector.

    ~ KMM

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known as Trey Kirby, Chill Bro.

  16. what a waste of time. please do us a favor and cancel your account so stupid garbage like this never makes it on the internet. Its dumbasses like you that make this whole situation worse.

  17. sounds like the portland trail blazer soccer moms are out again.

  18. @Daniel: lmao! at 19, hardly a soccer mom!

    ~ KMM

  19. geez… can’t believe i’m actually responding to that but whatever: yes of course i’m referring to another thread, i’m just amused no aggressive, and this whole blog you are posting on has a habit of posting satirical articles, an example of which you have just unsuccessfully tried to hate against. THIS IS A HUMOROUS POST! nobody is really knocking your boy lamarcus or trying to make “something out of nothing”. if you don’t like things that are just made to be funny then i suggest you should’t visit i recommend espn or maybe fox news to you, they say about the same things but actually mean it, which is at the same time tragic and hilarious. also, please stop signing your posts, it’s kind of redundant.

  20. @KMM: I realize you are not actually a mother, and even if you were I would have no interest in your children’s soccer games. The term “soccer mom” is used to describe super protective, overly biased fans, many of whom are often Portland Trail Blazer fans. Whenever there is a post about the Blazers on this site, which is admittedly a satirical, comical blog, Portland fans go ape shit and throw their feces at Trey.

    @telecustom: Sweet reply brosky.

  21. Reading these comments = Brandon Roy’s knees after a marathon, painful.

  22. dude, stop taking things so seriously. i’m really only continuing to respond because my work is done for the day and i’m bored. no one is hating here; that’s just your need to aggressively accuse. you need to chill out. the problem is, if Kirby is going for satire, he failed miserably. if i don’t laugh at someone, it’s because they’re not funny. in this particular blog, i didn’t find him to be funny. it’s just that simple. no hate, no lack of irony, no taking anything too close to the vest. just plain not funny nor successfully satirical. as i inferred, you’re taking things way too seriously. as for your “advice,” i think i’ll read and/or post on any site i choose (my general policy); probably don’t need to continue that whole tired line. as for my signature … i sign everything; get used to it. lol

    ~ KMM

  23. @Daniel: um, okay. you should realize though that, as i mentioned to telecustom, i didn’t find – nor generally have found – Kirby to be all that satirical nor humorous. ’nuff said. so, i’m a fan of my team. blazers fans generally are passionate and well-informed about the team. after all, there’s a good reason Chuck Barkely called us the “best fans in the NBA.” that being said, i enjoyed your hyberbole!

    ~ KMM

  24. Speaking as a Blazer fan and LMA believer…. all you people need to chill. Trey is basically mock-bashing LMA because he has the gall to give simple, honest and straightforward answers. Heartbreaking answers, but the right ones nonetheless. Clearly we need to get tags added to the HTML6 standard, because “teh intrawebs” are full of brittle, delicate, bitchy little snowflakes.

  25. Oh snap, my fake sarcasm tags were edited out by TBJ’s anti-XSS filters. Trey man, get thee a “preview” button on these here comments.

  26. Those of you who are reading the jones for the first time (clicked through from another blog) have to realize that Trey Kerby is a really really awful writer and this is on par with his usual stuff, he’s got nothing against the blazers.
    But do keep on coming back for the rest of The Jones family, their work is spectacular

  27. Your humour is really starting to go over people’s heads, Kerbs.

  28. @KMM: Don’t start an argument with “um, okay.” It makes you seem young an immature. Unless you were trying to drive home that whole “I’m too young to be a mom” point, in which case, good job.
    Blazers fans may be informed and loyal fans. I will definitely concede that. But it doesn’t change the fact that Blazers fans are known for being very protective soccer mom fans who jump all over anybody who makes an argument, fair or not, against their team. A word of advice– you may not have the best argument in the world if your best source is Charles Barkley.
    Also, if you don’t find Trey funny, why on earth do you come to this blog? You are one of the first to comment on a so-called boring post during the offseason of a locked out season. There really isn’t a slower, more boring time in the world of sports than this. At this point, anybody still reading this blog is an avid NBA and TBJ fan, looking for something to cling on to in order to stay sane during the lockout. There must be something that draws you here…if you don’t like the blog, why are you here?
    Nuff said.
    ~ D <3 <3

  29. I want to join in on the bashing. Trey Kirby’s writing is a bigger disappointment than Greg Oden. :)

  30. @Ktulu: that’s my point exactly. this isn’t the first time i’ve read articles, including his, on this site; just the first time i’ve been bored enough to comment. for me, that’s pretty bored!

    @Daniel: oh Daniel, you assume adversary where none exists. the last thing i’m interested in is starting an argument online. i bet you’d agree that they are fruitless and without win. on the other hand, all i’ve read from you and telecustom is aggression and the inference (note you called me “young an immature” in your last comment) that i should go somewhere else because you apparently think, judging from your last comment, that i am not enough of a basketball fan to come to a site to read about basketball. i’ll be the first to admit that i don’t know you personally. that, of course, means that you don’t know me. therefore, you’re not one to judge. we both love basketball, and that’s awesome. we both seem to agree that this lockout sucks. the difference is that i have no problem with others commenting and presenting their opinions on a website, whereas, apparently you do. as i told telecustom, if i want to come read a blog or other stories on this or any other website, i’m going to. i’ve enjoyed several other stories, articles and blogs on this site (btw, that’s the reason i come here); just happen not to be a huge fan of Kirby. you may be and that’s fine. i respect that. all i ask — really, the only thing i ask — is that you respect my right to dislike his writing, and to comment if i so choose. regardless, i do not require your validation to comment where i see fit.

    ~ KMM


  31. Bad call Trey!!

  32. Seriously, just stop. This should about sum it up now:

  33. @Matt. i was about to commend you on the earlier Oden Reference then you went and posted the link. shame on you! lol

    ~ KMM

  34. LOL well done kerbz, MAXIMUM TROLLING!!

  35. @KMM: Starting an argument is obviously the last thing you want to do as you have already, you know, started a handful of them on this post (eg. you started this argument with me). You also seem to like to accuse everybody of being aggressive–I am apparently aggressive for making a joke relating to your claim that you were too young to be a mother. But I guess statements like “Trey Kirby is a douche for making nothing out of nothing” is not all that aggressive at all. Also, connecting back to another thing you said here: “the difference is that i have no problem with others commenting and presenting their opinions on a website, whereas, apparently you do.” It seems you are the one who has a problem with Trey presenting his opinions on a website, while I am the one telling you to stop being aggressive and back off a little. And my sources and quotes are probably a little more reliable than Chuck Barkley in my argument.
    Look, I have nothing against you personally, but please stop playing the whole “I’m trying to be nice but your aggressive ways are keeping us from being friends” card. My initial comment, “sounds like the portland trail blazer soccer moms are out again”, was to the general audience of Blazer fans who rabidly attacked Trey. So again, not so sure I’m the aggressive one here. The aggressive one here is the crazy Blazer fans who come here and call Trey names like “douche.” I’m just pointing out the silliness in attacking a blogger who attempted to write a completely uncontroversial blog post.
    Also, don’t put words in my mouth about questioning your basketball fan-ness(I will quote myself again here as saying “Blazers fans may be informed and loyal fans. I will definitely concede that.”) And don’t put words in my mouth about telling you to go somewhere else. I simply asked why you were here if you didn’t even enjoy reading Trey’s stuff and were only here to call him a douche. That was an honest question.
    And to online arguments being fruitless and without win? I’ve got myself a nice basket of fruit here, I’d say, and a nice glass of win to go with it.

  36. damn i should have known better. why did i bother?!? there’s a thing about stupid people (watch out! agression!) (OMG! am i being sarcastic now?!? i’m confused because of all my ringing detectors!) the thing is: they don’t get non-stupid things, which is kind of why they are stupid. i just hate myself for contributing to this super-useless discussion and i feel bad for daniel that he got sucked in too. but since i’m so confused over my aggression-detector and my irony-o-meter, i think i will sign this post so that i can remember who i am again and what i wrote, because i tend to forget that by the end of the sentence that i happen to write, which is why i don’t make a ton of sense. plus, this i just how i roll, so y’all better get used to it, because in the state i live in i can almost see russia, so i know about foreign policy.

    ~ TCM

  37. @Daniel: are you seriously playing the “i’m rubber, you’re glue” game? it was you who started the initial argument by asking Rage_quit if they were “reaaaally reaaaally intellectually challenged or something or do you just not get funny things, like, in general?” then asking me the same question (i.e. “same question for you.” so now you’re going to try and turn everything around on me? no, that’s just plain not going to work (that never works on me, btw). so you say i like to “accuse everybody of being aggressive;” nope, only you and telecustom (re-read the comments — you’ll see that’s true). you claim i have a problem with Kirby presenting his opinions; not particularly (wouldn’t mind if he wrote better though). you love to harp on the Barkely comment; ok, how about national announcers, players and opposing coaches (see, Chuck was just a recognizable name who said it as recently as last season’s playoffs). you also think i want to be friends with you? lmao! judging from your comments and your tone, you are no one i’d ever consider calling a friend. fyi: soccor moms are housewives and mothers who take care of their families — not fans defending their team. not sure where you got your definition, but obviously it’s quite wrong. you want to call me aggressive? well, that’s where the rather lame “i’m rubber, you’re glue” strategy comes in. just not accurate. your denials that you questioned my basketball fandom or yours (and telecom’s) inference that i should not post on the site are laughable. you both have made that suggestion abundantly clear. and finally, how do you know Kirby was trying to make a “completely uncontroversial” blog post? unless you actually are him, there’s no way you can know his intention. regardless, as i said earlier, you seem to be incapable of respecting others’ right to post — whether they like Kirby’s writing or not. i understood what Kirby was saying; i simply felt he failed to convey his message in the form he intended. so what does that all add up to? it means you were completely incorrect about each and everything you said about me and my blog post. some of it seems to be the simple error of not paying attention while, in other cases, you seem to be outright lying. it’s sad anyone would resort to that; even on the internet. the bottom line is that you’ve not made one single truthful claim about me in the least (though you’ll likely report with more false accusations and ridiculous lies). in other words, that basket of fruit you have there is full of only sour grapes.

    ~ KMM

  38. @telecustom: your comment is so inanely ridiculous, i don’t need to pick it apart. suffice to say, you just plain don’t get it.n lmao.

    ~ KMM

  39. @ daniel: à votre santé! hope you enjoyed your glass of win^^ i, too, just had a nice one ;-)

  40. This is why at Euro soccer league games opposing team’s fans come in at different entrances, it’s like in Resevoir dogs where “everybody wants to fight over Mr. Black but nobody knows each other so nobody backs down.” I respect those who have opposing views, do not respect those who put opinions in a headline to get people read their bullshit, and then try to say it was all done in satire afterwards.

  41. whoops forgot to sign. it’s me, telecustom!

    ~ TCM

  42. don’t group me with the Portland soccer moms, who took the “diss” to LMA to heart. i got that it was a mock-bash and it was supposed to be a “funny spin” on a non story.

    problem is it’s not funny and i only clicked into it because the title implied that LMA had made a Ron Artest/Latrell Sprewell-like stupid comment.

    seriously, cheap tactic, and really this blog entry sucks. i’m not bashing the whole of site or the blogger’s regular work. just THIS specific blog sucks and reeks of “well i got nothing to write and need to make a post”

  43. This article is absolutely retarted and a waste of time. Trey Kerby needs to shut up and stop whining like a bitch!

  44. Kirby’s reports leave a lot to be desired.

    Love how KMM schooled those trolls.

  45. Considering how this entire site seems to be catered to people who like their basketball mixed with humor, I’m in disbelief at the amount of people who just completely missed the point because they were so ready to be offended.

    Lighten up, fellahs. Life is too short.


  46. @Err: with all due respect, people didn’t miss the point because they were ready to be offended. they missed the point because Trey Kirby is a crappy writer.

    ~ KMM

  47. @KMM First of all, you are not quoting me. Somebody else said that. I’m Daniel. Might be why you’re getting confused in this argument and accusing me of stuff–make sure you read my posts if you want to argue with me, not somebody else’s. Also, I clearly understand what a soccer mom is. The point is Blazer fans are often called soccer moms because of how overly protective they are of their team. It’s actually pretty well known that Blazer fans are called soccer moms– check out this headline for example on Blazers Edge:
    I love this tidbit as well: “some of it seems to be the simple error of not paying attention while, in other cases, you seem to be outright lying.” I am the one not paying attention when you are misquoting me?
    Please, read MY posts if you want to argue with me. You seem to be mixing me up with telecustom. And I mean this in all honsety–I am not trying to make you look stupid or anything, I’d actually like it if you read my posts and distinguished them from others because you are quoting me on a few things that I just didn’t say. I really don’t understand why I am a liar, give me some examples, because I think I have backed up everything I have said and have not told you to leave this site at all or questioned your fandom. It’s incredibly frustrating how you write an entire paragraph ranting against me when in fact half of what you said makes no sense because you are misquoting me.

  48. @KMM Also, stop accusing me of being “incapable of respecting others’ right to post” when you are the one who started this by calling Trey a douche and then starting an argument with me. You have the right to post, everybody has the right to post here, I’m just saying some fans here(in this case, Blazer fans) get too worked up about an article like this and need to calm down. Then it starts with me being incapable of respecting others.

  49. Heheh. Blazers fans are so easy to troll!

  50. Funny that no one complained about Trey’s writing prior to him publishing a piece on the Blazers…. but yeah, I’m sure it’s just a long time annoyance that has been building up and not just you being dramatic.


  51. True, those complaints always surfaced in Ball dont lie posts as well often going along the lines of, “What and awful writer,” or “he is retarded and should just retire.”

  52. We should get Barnes & Beasley to join this lovely chat.

  53. @Daniel: seriously? you show me what you’ve backed up? you show where you’ve used fact to support your opinion. none whatsoever. yep, did misquote you; my bad, but the point is, you attacked me and that’s what started the debate. no ifs, ands or buts about it. you’re assuming i’m getting too worked up? i don’t think i’m worked up in the least. as i stated, i was simply bored yesterday. and so what if i want to call Kirby a douche? whether he was being satirical or sarcastic or whatever, he failed miserably (i believe i mentioned that a few times). the thing i don’t get is why you defend him so vehemently. you like him, fine. what’s the big deal about someone calling his lame failed attempt at satire douche (perhaps that was my own lame attempt at satire and it went over your head). be that as it may, i highly doubt that Kirby gives a damn about your defense of him (unless you are him posting in disguise; that would make everything clear). i called him a douche. big frikkin deal. time to get over it.

    @Err: even i’ve read enough of the comments under Kirby’s posts to see that some don’t think he’s much of a writer. this certainly isn’t the first. lol. but thanks for attempting to pile on.

    ~ KMM

    ps: to those now signing their initials – great, i think everyone should!

  54. I have complained before about Kerby’s writing. Maybe once or twice. Because I usually just skip whatever he writes and generally feel like my comments would bring nothing to the table… For those who would like to label me as humorless be my guest, but I find nothing funny about most of what he writes and definitely nothing remotely insightful.
    I do come here for a mix of Humor and Basketball and keep coming back because I like the work of OTHERS on the site.
    Been a listener to TBJ since the skype days and I know that Skeets, Tas and the main crew could not keep this blog continuously updated and sought out an “editor”. But the quality of posts since then has hit rock-bottom. I will not @ anybody and I will not come back here to see what response I get. I will, as usual, tune out of this crap and enjoy my Blank, Daily or whatever else the Jones throws out there.

  55. Trey, you are way out of line, sir. How dare you not mention pandas among the awesome things this lockout has led us to? I’m telling you, I’m very offended… Aggressive suit on!!

  56. i don’t know why there’s so much discussion over this non-story/non-quote. my biggest problem is with the misleading quote that made it look like LMA had said something Ron-Artesty or Latrell Sprewellery.

    This is okay for a random Facebook status but a whole post? It’s not even funny. Kerby went “gee, LMA, now you made me sad there’s no basketball, shut up” ? Haven’t 34 different bloggers have tweeted that joke (about how having no bball sucks and they’re sad and please change the subject) before? Difference is those guys did it on twitter, not an article.

  57. I’ve just been cutting onions, I’m making a lasagna…for one.

  58. I’m really out of the loop on the lasagna joke. What the hell am I missing?

  59. @Waterboy Arroyo, Flight of the Conchords – TBJ is full of references to FotC and The Wire

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