Between this dunk and this one, I think it would be a wise idea to schedule a dunk-off between future Knick Iman Shumpert and great hair haver Nick Young. I’m sure there’s some summer league out there that will pony up the cash to make this thing legit, so let’s set the wheels in motion. My fee for brainstorming this genius idea is a minuscule 3 percent. Make it happen.

(via I Am a GM)

Comments (5)

  1. Throw in some Paul George too

  2. Yes, we’ll invite him too.

  3. He got ups! dang. although it look like he missed the backboard and just went with it.. lol

  4. I dunno, looks like the off the wall thing was intentional. Would be cool to see more stuff like integrated into dunk contests. The pass from teammates, the high bounce dunk, etc. has be done many times before. Dude might be on the something here.

  5. You know what would make the dunk off more exciting? Including another element know as the blocker… So the dunk looks even better, or we see a sick block… put the leagues 3 best shot blockers vs the best dunkers, and have them go head to head…now THATS a twist..

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