If you ask me, “MJ Shwagg,” the most recent video off Delonte West’s “Lockout” mixtape, is by far the best song we’ve heard from Charlee Redz. Not only can you mostly understand what he’s saying, it even kind of tells a coherent story about growing up in the hood and rocking Air Jordans. It’s nice to see an artist growing before your very eyes.

(via SLAM)

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  1. Summer Rap Album Rankings:

    1. “The Lockout”
    2. “Watch the Throne”
    3. “Tha Carter IV”

    Kanye isn’t even the best rapper with the last name West!

  2. This is soooo bad…

  3. wow Trey… im surprised you understood any of that… the only thing i caught was the N word.. oh well

  4. I usually show respect where respect is due. But this guy just sucks.

  5. Andre if you could only understand the “N Word” then your vocabulary is drastically lacking in efficiency, perhaps it’s just you don’t listen to a lot of hip hop/rap music, no problem with that at all. But saying you only understand that one word exemplifies the jaded opinions of people who can’t take the time to actually listen to the lyrics of “good hip hop/rap.” I’m not saying this is anything close to being good, its close to being really bad, but at least take the time to maybe even read the lyrics to certain songs that might peek your interest.

  6. Not bad for an amateur. At least he has the swag to do this shit and post it on youtube. I’d like to hear the rest of yalls blog reading nerd raps

  7. That’s awful. I don’t get it. One minute Delonte is the funniest dude in the NBA, the next he’s riding down the highway with a guitar case full of AKs and trying to rap to crappy beats.

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