It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

Today we devote the entire show to breaking down your worst ideas for The [Blank] Jones. Stewardesses, Internet trolls, dreams, morning greetings, Canadian food, geek culture, “Sex and the City 2,” and the proper way to kiss a Greek man. If these ideas are bad, we’re scared to see your good ones. Keep ‘em coming, people.


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  1. remeber last week? Holly’s blog on Lebron james? two assholes made a mean comment. Now that is trolling.

  2. Hey, my terrible idea made the cut!

  3. to be clear, the picture above is for “mom jeans,” not “bad idea jeans.”


  4. Daniel — I’m well aware.

    And, oh, please don’t share Hulu videos with us; Canadians can’t watch ‘em.


  5. ^^ See Skeets that’s why we think u guys live in igloos, you don’t get hulu??? jk

  6. Also forgot to mention that you should have put “The-The Classical-Jones” in the bad ideas.


  7. OMG this is the funniest TBJ yet… LOL at first glance, i thought you all saw my “awesome” idea to do a show discussing the diferences between a MILF and a Cougar… (the old chicks on the image) then it said Bad Idea jones… and i was llike dang, they are going to tear up my idea… instead y’all made me laugh so much, the ppl at the other desks were wondering if i am high. (Im not) … KEEP IT COMING.. (why do you all stop at 25mins? I have 4 more hours until im off work.. )

  8. (!) I had a dream about shiting last night! I remember having extremely much trouble getting the poo out. Afterwards I looked down the toilet and realizing, that my shit was purple. When i woke up my ass was hurting. I kid you not.

  9. I wasn’t trolling at all, but a misunderstanding at one of my old comments in AOL Fanhouse made Skeets call me an idiot. Fun times.

  10. Skeets,

    You are still pathetic.

    Your friend,


  11. i agree, funniest blank jones yet. i think the best formula is to not have a certain topic of discussion—or have one as a starting point, but just ramble and stray away from it as much as possible. i find those are the funniest moments. keep doing your thing fellas!

  12. ^_^ lovin the blank jones.

  13. I am quite content with how my “dreams” segment went. That’s all I ever hoped from it… to have you talk about shitting in your dreams. I was just too embarrassed to put it in my e-mail. Hey, it even overflowed into the comments.

  14. @Ingemann

    I think you got raped whilst on a hallucinogenic.

  15. Hurricane,

    Ur mom is fake.



  16. How about the Jewish Jones?

  17. Skeets, I’ll talk Data, Kira Nerys and Capt Janeway with you anytime brotha

  18. Why was my idea (Stewardesses) on the bad idea list when Skeets and Tas thought it was good? Thanks for making me laugh guys.

  19. Loving the blank Jones, keep up the good work!

  20. Let’s do The Climax Jones. Kobe sucks dick, roflcopter. So Skeets is a homo habilis. I need to enter your dreams via Inception. You guys are not gamers at all. Sex and the City 2 earned a shitload of money =/

  21. Sex and the City 2 Jones NOW

  22. Tas! You played Metal Gear? Nice! Respeck!

  23. Yahoo NBA Fantasy jones ???

    keep up the great work guys, the Blank jones are great listening…

  24. Wow, two of my bad ideas were used – smart phones and internet trolls. Smart phones was dumb, but trolls got some interesting convos going (and internet trolls is not a new term).

    And I can’t wait for the masturbation Jones. Obviously.

  25. Don’t die Skeets!

    Just for old times sake, from the yahoo days.

  26. Just a couple of BLANK Jones ideas:
    The Poop Jones(briefly discussed in this episode)
    The Ferby Jones
    The Matt Osten Jones(The history of Matt Osten)
    The North Korea Jones
    The Adam Sandler Jones?
    The Jesus Jones
    The Lost Jones(TV Show)

  27. Another good laugh thank to the Jones :-) And lot of stuff t comment, I’ll try to keep it short…

    Trolls: they’ve been on the net like forever ! Forums for example have been ther for years (10 ?) and you’ll always find guys to post aggressive/stupid/off topic (pick your poison) comments…

    Aviation : I work in aviation and I can tell you, people always want to hear about it ;-)

    Geeks : kind of a wide range of topics make you a geek (science fiction, computer/video game, role playing game). But a good example would be the guys in the tv show the Big Bang Theory. Finally I like J.D comment, not putting specific boundaries.

    Role playing game : Matt it’s not too late. RPG can be a kid’s game but you can play it at any age. Lots of pen and paper RPG have mature content and are designed for adults. Of course it always go down to with who you’re playing…

    And to illmatic-1, majority of the world lives in igloo since we don’t get Hulu and many other stuff americans do get ;-)

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