What do you get when you cross a misogynist Twitter feed with a reality television show about women yelling at each other? Only the most important legal decision of our lifetime, of course.

From TMZ, duh:

Gilbert Arenas’ ex-fiancee is free to talk smack and get in as many catfights as she wants on “Basketball Wives LA” — thanks to a federal court decision today.

A judge ruled against the NBA star’s request to block Laura Govan from appearing on the show and mentioning his name.

The judge said Gilbert’s claim that details of his family life should not be aired on the reality show — is undercut by the fact he has “tens of thousands of Twitter users who follow [him] as he tweets about a variety of mundane occurrences.”

Ha ha. Gilbert Arenas can’t block a woman who is the mother of his children from appearing on a TV show and potentially airing all his dirty laundry because he spends all day insulting women on Twitter. That is a very peculiar kind of poetic justice that is going to set a very strange legal precedent. Apparently, if you tweet about your life, you can’t stop other people from talking about it. Seems fair to me.

Of course, now that this important decision has been handed down, I’m sure Gilbert’s going to tweet about the show when it debuts, which will really bring this whole situation full circle. There’s no way he’ll be able to resist the low-hanging fruit that is “Basketball Wives” zings. No mortal can.