Maybe this is fake. It cuts out right after Al Harrington lands a blow that sends this reporter straight to the mat, and that’s kind of dubious. Unless Al’s been watching a lot of “Jersey Shore,” he doesn’t seem like a one-punch knockout kind of guy.

But maybe, just maybe, Al Harrington really did floor a reporter with a single punch, avenging anything awful the press has ever said about him and ensuring they won’t do it again. Would you want to trash a guy who is going to lure you in to a ring under the pretenses of covering his lockout plans, only to have him light you up?

Me neither, which is why I’d like to mention that I’m pleasantly surprised that Al averaged 20 points per game during the 2008-09 season and that I’m impressed he shot the three so well last year. Also, I really liked when he had a mohawk a couple years ago. Oh, and he seems very nice. Please don’t fight me.

(via BDL)