Who would have guessed that one of the few things on Earth that makes Derrick Rose smile is when a 5-foot-11 Chinese singer/actor/model scores on him during a one-on-one exhibition?

Maybe it’s because he realizes the irony of a smaller man besting him with a Derrick Rose-ish floater, or maybe it’s because he just remembered that he got four first team All-Defense votes this past season, but whatever the reason, it’s still pretty funny that this makes Derrick Rose smile and winning the NBA MVP didn’t. Such is life.

(via EOB/SLAM)

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  1. Wow i coulda scored if d-rose was guarding me like that… thats why they call me Moneydre …. Dont ask me who they are… I myself played a couple chinese kids 2 on 2… I was BEGGING them to guard me cause i was scoring everything! #Moneydre… YUP

  2. Just having fun. No knock on D-Rose for this.

  3. Hah, the brightest and most sincere smile I’ve seen on an NBA player’s face for quite a while :))

  4. At least he’s not like Lebron when he got dunked on. Pats the pop star on the back with all smiles!

  5. In all seriousness… that burst of speed that Drose had right before that dunk and he wasn’t even trying. Holy crap.

    And lebron didn’t even get dunked on lol.

  6. that’s derrick rose’s normal defense.

  7. LeBron would have blocked that shot and dunked the ball and walked away

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