As you might recall, last month, Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol and his younger brother, Marc, became sponsors of San Miguel 0.0 percent beer. The two of ‘em threw on a pair of their nicest dark jeans, attended a press conference in Spain, and toasted some non-alcoholic beer for the cameras. Mmmm … water!

Well, now they’ve got a commercial.

In the new spot, Pau says, translated from Spanish: “To be honest, I can’t recall the number of times I’ve seen my name written everywhere, in all the colors, sizes and types you can imagine, but the one that makes me feel more proud is the name I see on the back of my brother’s jersey.”

And then Marc dunks all over him.

“Hey, hermano.”

via The Daily News

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  1. in lithuania you cant show commercials of alcoholic beverages until 11o’clock, so they show commercials of non alcoholic beer or rootbeer instead allday long, maybe its the case in spain, or maybe gasol is to soft to drink real beer

  2. I see your point. It would have been a lot better with Franklin and Gob.

  3. Can’t really see the point in non alcoholic beer.

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