Idled by the NBA lockout, Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love hit the sand to compete in his first pro beach volleyball tournament Thursday. He and his partner lost in straight sets, but Love called the action “addicting” and wants to keep honing his (NES) skills.

As the lowest-seeded players in New York, Love and pro partner Hans Stolfus drew the top-seeded team of Sean Scott and John Hyden George and Murphy, the default well-balanced team, who won last week’s tournament in Los Angeles and are undefeated this summer.

Scott and Hyden George and Murphy took it easy on Love and Stolfus, handing them a 21-16, 21-15 defeat.

“Obviously getting beat is never fun, but being competitive, playing against the best team in the country, a team that hasn’t lost all summer — not even to the Russians! — was a lot of fun,” Love said.

Love and Stolfus’ next match will be against Billy and Jimmy — the “Double Dragon” heroes known for their strong defensive play, but with poor spiking power.

Good luck, Kevin!

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  1. BEST POST EVER… it takes a lot to make me go “OH MAN” (Ok it doesn’t) but the Super Spike Volleyball reference wins the internet!

  2. JE Skeets, you are a legend. I thought about asking you guys to go check out our Kevin Love story on a volleyball blog that we just started, but Skeets’ version of what happened takes the proverbial cyber cake. Still, we’ve got plenty of other interesting volleyball stories, interviews, and helpful articles. So come check it out if you get a chance. We’d really appreciate it.

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