“Today’s gonna be a good day. Legs feel fresh. Shoes are looking crispy. Three’s wet, Dale Ellis-style. Definitely gonna ball out today. Oh, is that Tyreke Evans? From the Kings? What’s he doing here? That’s weird. Whatever.

OK, yeah. I got him. This is my chance. Here we go. Let’s do it. Awww, crap.”  — guy in the pink shoes at 0:54

(via EOB)

Comments (3)

  1. Looks like his quick twitchy moves are back.
    And so is his ugly looking shot.
    Really hope he and the Jimmer can play together. They are sac-towns best shot.

  2. Looks right. 1 on 5, 0 assists, 0 passes, 1 rebound, 1,000,000 dribbles.

  3. How did he get those shots to go in? His shot is like LeBron’s in the worst way possible. Still, toying with the D like it ain’t no thang.

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