This is a rap video, so it’s NSFW.

This lockout needs to end more and more with each passing day. While there has been some good — the Goodman League, the Drew League, Rucker Park games, etc.– there has also been some not so good. Right, Michael Beasley?

Today, we get this rap video from World Star Hip Hop featuring Stephen Jackson. Appearing in Alley Boy’s video for “Wonderful” — which is the intro from his mixtape titled, not kidding, “Definition of F— S— Part 2″– the video features lots of curses, smoke and Jax chilling in the back of a car flashing lots of symbols with his hands. If that happened in an NBA game, he’d be getting fined several times.

Not entirely damning by any means, but not awesome. I don’t want to see NBA players in rap videos. I want to see them on League Pass. Or hear about their workouts. Or know we’re only a month away from training camp. This stuff needs to be sorted out. Soon.

And I don’t know who Alley Boy is, but he needs a different director/cameraman. This thing will give you a headache.

(via Jim_Ice)