Leave it to Michael Beasley to take two awesome things — dunking and playing in overseas exhibition games during the lockout — and turn them in to the worst case scenario that everyone worries about during this work stoppage. From Rijay Wang:

Report: Michael Beasley suffered wrist injury in Sunday night at China Championships,had to get wrist re-examined, possible wrist break. [...] according to report, the reason of Beasley injury could be he slam dunk performance after game.

If you want to read a terrible translation of this report, go nuts. Basically, it sounds like Beasley played in an exhibition game, then did some dunks afterwords, during which he probably broke his wrist even though he thought it was just sore at the time. It’s pretty much the exact thing every team, agent and player is scared of when they talk about going overseas to play.

Of course, it had to happen to Michael Beasley because bad things always happen to him. Injuries are a part of sports, obviously, but it just seems like Michael Beasley is the test case for all the unfortunate things that could happen during the lockout. Get busted with drugs? Beasley did it. Fight a fan at a streetball game? Beasley did it. Get hurt dunking in a slam dunk showcase? Yep, Beasley did it. That pretty much covers all the things the NBA would worry about with its players hooping elsewhere.

It’s too bad that someone had to get seriously hurt playing in all these meaningless games, but it’s not very surprising that Michael Beasley is the guy that it happened to. After a summer full of unfortunate headlines, the only player who could get injured overseas and have it be less of a surprise is Greg Oden.

(via SLAM)