More great Manute Bol facts

These come from the “Best Friends with Chris Mullin” section of Manute Bol’s dossier, right next to the part where Manute gave Mullin the nickname “Chalk” because he was so white. From the Wall Street Journal review of “The Defender,” a short book about Bol by Jordan Conn:

Bol legends have piled up over the years, and in the e-book “The Defender” Jordan Conn probes as necessary, interviewing Bol’s teammates, friends and family. As a child, he may have killed a lion; he quite possibly coined the phrase “my bad”; he certainly warned Congress about Osama bin Laden in 1993.

If you were picking three things to do in your lifetime, killing a lion, coining a popular phrase and warning the United States government about a dangerous terrorist are pretty high on the list. Throw in the fact that Bol was 7-foot-7, an African tribal prince who donated most of his career earnings to aiding the people in Sudan, and was saluted by the United States Senate following his death and you get one of the most amazing stories in NBA history.

The book this comes from, “The Defender,” is available from Amazon as a Kindle Single for $1.99. If it’s filled with stuff like this, that’s a pretty nice bargain. After all, tales of lion-killing giants who take time off from the NBA to alert government officials about deadly terrorists don’t grow on trees.

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