Do you like music? Me too. Do you like basketball? Me too. Do you like wearing clothes sometimes? Me too. That’s why I think you’ll really like these new shirts from the chill bros at NBA Offseason. As my good friend Tony the Tiger would say, “Theyyyyyyy’re nice looking!”

As I am sure you figured out, these are Kevin Love and Gilbert Arenas shirts, and both of them call back to long-gone music acts. I’m partial to the green “Gets ‘Bounds” Love shirt because it is a clever pun, looks almost exactly like that legendary album cover and Love’s uncle was in the band. Hard to beat that combination of concept and execution. That being said, the Gilbert Arenas shirt is great too, even if I don’t particularly care for Public Image Ltd.

The Love shirt comes in several different colors and retails for $21, while the Arenas tee is available in black or white and costs $26. Fair prices for t-shirts, plus all proceeds from these bad boys goes to funding The Classical, which we can all agree is a very nice thing to do for a very nice potential website. So basically, if you buy one of these, you get a cool shirt and help finance a project by some very talented people. Not a bad deal.