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It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show we discuss pets. Who was the only TBJ’er to grow up with dogs? What were Skeets’ “poor-people” pets? Why did Tas’ dad almost strangle a friend’s 130-pound German Sheppard? Are pets a test-run for kids? What the fuck is up with cats? And where does owning an iguana rank in terms of rebellious teenager activity? All that, plus rabbit shit, a canary named “Harley,” and hypothetical question that involves a cliff, your dog, and a homeless man with syphilis.


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  1. I am so mad that the lockout is still going on. After the mavs proved it was teamwork and not cash that wins championships… we are arguing over money?!?!

  2. Didn’t mark cuban have one of the highest payrolls when it comes to players?

  3. …anyway…

    Sounds like a great topic again guys. If we don’t have a season will you guys honestly be doing this all year? It’d be awesome.

  4. Listening to The Pet Jones made me look for The Mighty MJD’s ‘Letter From Pets’ articles in the web. I can’t seem to find it anymore though.

  5. I’m dropping the homeless guy.

  6. Any show about EuroBasket 2011?

  7. Fact: Tripping over pets, especially dogs, causes more than 86,000 falls serious enough to prompt an emergency room visit each year in US –

  8. @Fox – We haven’t decided on it yet, but it’s definitely a possibility.

  9. The “we are gonna be unemployed soon” jones.
    Talk about what other jobs you would be doing if you hadn’t landed the awesome job you have.

  10. I’d be a dog walker …

  11. … by cliffs.

  12. I’d drop my own dog in a heartbeat if it means saving a human life, come on now.

  13. can JD talk more in the show all the time?

  14. Sorry anonymous homeless man. I’ve got my priorities.

  15. Skeets and Tas are dog-haters? Whoduthunkit? Yams is going to be so pissed.

  16. A dog I’d drop, a cat idk….

    I mean : there is a huge % of chances that homeless guy is an asshole, like most humans. I really don’t know what I would do… Prolly still save the guy, but regret it when he launches his unfinished beer at my face 3 minutes later.

  17. Jakes on you homeless man idgaf about you, i’d seriously save my dog without even thinking about it. If you’ve never owned a dog i can understand you not getting it.

    If it was a random cat tho, i’d kick that little fucker off like a football lol.

  18. @JD – The English bulldog is one of the sickliest dogs you can purchase. What you lose in daily effort you will more than make up in vet visits.

  19. He Skeets, looks like someone liked your idea enough:

  20. I’m not seeing the audio. I even disabled adblock on this page!

  21. You’re right; the site/audio player is actin’ up. We’ve got someone looking into it. Thanks.

  22. I can’t believe people are so callous about killing a man, it’s only a dog people, you can get a new one.

  23. i’d drop that dog every single time. its a human being ffs. i’d hope anyone dropping the person would get charged with murder.

    has matt been neutered? is that why he wasn’t on the show today?

  24. Save your money, or donate it too a good charity, there are many people who could use the help

    spending money on a pet can be quite possibly the biggest waste

  25. Matt should be away more often.

  26. Dogs are simple-minded, and honest. They live by instinct. People always have ulterior motives. Do you really think the homeless dude would be thanking you 10 years from now? I guarantee the dog will still really like you in 10 years (if it’s not dead by then).

    I’d drop the homeless dude in a heartbeat. Hell, I’d even drop the homeless dude to save the dog that attacked Tas. Sorry, Tas.

  27. @Junoon
    Also, pets are a huge source of pollution… Imagine the ammount of shit (literal) they create only for our entertainement.

  28. I hate dogs… My roomate upstairs has one… i guess shes had it for a year now. It barks EVERY day… the minute i open the door.. it barks when she leaves, it barks when she comes back it barks when ANYTHING happens… Im sick of it… WHAT CAN I DO??? Any advice to get to the owner to stop the barking? Please?

  29. and homeless guy vs. Dog… HOMELESS guy hands down..

  30. @AP3: Yeah… I’ve heard that. Who am I kidding. We’ll get a boxer when the time comes.

    @Andre: Have you talked to her about it?

    Also, the more I think about it, I’m dropping the homeless guy. Humans are overrated.

  31. @Jason Doyle

    ya i talked to her multiple times. She even notices it. She “doesnt know what to do” which is bullcrap. I told her to try a zap collar.. is there anything else?

  32. @King Kong Looks like the audio players for the rest of the The Blank Jones topics are gone as well.

  33. @Andre: The zap collar is a good idea. Maybe suggest a citronella collar instead, it’s way more humane, and she won’t freak out accusing you of trying to electrocute her dog. It sprays a blast of lemon scented mist at the dogs face whenever it barks. They hate it. It’s pretty effective, and widely available.

    Good luck!

  34. Roflcopter on the shitting bunny! I love JD’s pissing dog. I miss Mat’s laugh and rants, though. Murder pets when Olympics come? I don’t get it. And I would save a homeless guy, but fuck ethics. Gonna check clips of people tripping over pets now

  35. I enjoyed this show immensely. Matt has been messing up quite a bit, listen to him in the past episodes, he used words like “stealer” which isn’t even a word, he couldn’t figure out that the “P” in MMORPG Tas mentioned…maybe he DOES need to take more vacations.

    JD’s always been a hilarious guy, hope he chimes in more.


  37. Seriously, thank you for this. I know I’m running behind on catching up with the Blank Jones, but damn, I have thought forever that I was alone as a pet hater. This episode reassured me that there are other rational people in the world who don’t necessarily hate animals, but just don’t understand the over enthusiastic love that people have for them.

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