When the players and owners meet tomorrow to negotiate, someone should just play this video and say, “If we don’t fix this lockout, these guys are going to keep rapping.” That should solve everything.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. this nba lock out is total bull, nba stars are really complaining because they wont make 8 figures theyll make 7, either way there making money, and alot, by doing what they love, playing basketball were as some of us PAY to play basketball,and pay to watch it too, i wish the stars wernt so selfish about payrolls and another problem is people like yao ming getting payed $17,686,100 this year for doing nothing maby they should fix stuff like that! its messed up the nba players and owners need to get there shit together ( not like anyon will see this post but it was worth a try) and yes, chris bosh indeed dose look like a dinosaur

  2. These guys are hilarious!!! Cute too ;)

  3. NBA is becoming popular in China & India. Financial growth is unmeasurable. Owners are trying to shrink the players cut so they alone reap the billions in benefits. The players will make the same amount they do now when their product value goes 20 fold. That is bad business. —And by “owners” I mean there are only a few that are pulling these strings. The rest are just following suit.

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