Remember back in the end of June when I had to take some time off due to “a complicated relocation that involves three cities, two countries and Kwame Brown dropping every box we hired him to carry?” Probably not. You have better things to remember, like the quadratic equation and the difference between Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman.

Nonetheless, phase two (codename: 2 Moving 2 Furious) of the plan begins today, as I’m headed up to Toronto to work in an office with these four bros/figure out why they put an extra “U” in all those words. As such, things are going to be slow until Tuesday. You’ll still get an episode of The [BLANK] Jones today, but other than that, who knows?

In the meantime, enjoy some EuroBasket, vote for TBJ in every category you can and have a great Labor Day weekend. Come next week, things get a lot more Canadian.