It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show we discuss hangovers. Well, not really. We actually discuss suspicious waitresses, weird theatre cast parties, something called “Mr. Saxobeat,” and the poignant song craft of one Matthew Osten. Enjoy!


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Comments (36)

  1. This Jones has been a long time coming…

    Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Feedburner, feedburner, feedburner. I don’t see it on feedburner.

    Thanks for making these though, it gives me something to listen to at work.

  3. Really something show indeed, Tas. You guys may end up getting me fired from my job for cracking up any time Matt started to sing.

    Awesome stuff, guys.

  4. Ah, Blue Dry. I vomited many a times because of that piss.

  5. I was having a really shitty day until this. Thanks for tge giggles.

  6. omg……i was almost in tears here in my cubicle, great show guys. I think from now on Matt should only speak in song form

  7. COMPLAINT: these are just way too short.

  8. One of the best BLANK jones yet

  9. Genius! Welcome back Austen. Loving the blank!

  10. I will tumblr the fuck out of Matt’s EP. Great job guys!

  11. I missed Mat check the comments again! Tas sang a killer hook, gotta look into songwriting. You guys polish pistachio WAY too much roflcopter. I don’t understand the Tas quote, but the robot’s quote was epic!

  12. Death of a Salesman??


  14. Are you sure this is not called The ‘Singing’ Jones? Hilarious!

  15. Sorry bout that Matty. Poor lil guy. But to be fair, JD was awesome.

  16. No I take it back. That was fuckin hilarious.

  17. matt – is your sister a fan of mythbusters? jamie adam?

  18. The Drunk-Puke Jones!

  19. I’m sure Matt did tell that story about how he would open his window when playing his guitar, so Skeets wasn’t wrong =p

  20. It was good to have you back Mat. I find you the best part of the show, which I’m surprised by because you’re so much more articulate than you were in the videos. A lot less stammering.

  21. This was hands down, the best blank jones out of all them, it was pure comedy. i want more Tas and Matt

  22. The {Matt reclaiming “The [Blank] Jones”} Jones!

  23. Tas,

    on insomnia tips: wank yourselfto sleep man!


  24. JD is awesome. Matt is great too lol

  25. you should do a show on thaughts on yao ming going to the hall of fame

  26. You guys should do “the songwriting jones”
    Just like the inventor jones you guys come up with a song and sing it for us!

  27. Less Matt more Chet.

  28. So, my friends and I are drinking, and I decide to give them a little Blazers history (they’re all from the mid-West). We go on Youtube and watch all these great games from the Drexler-Porter era. This gets me to thinking: how about a Basketball Memory Jones? Y’all should do a podcast on your favorite b-ball memories, what brought you to the sport, why you’re fans and whatnot. I think that’d be a great show, and everyone can comment away about their favorite memories.

  29. That was pure gold and momentarily took my mind off the fact that I’ve got to clean cat crap off the floor.

  30. The ‘Scarface’ Jones.

    You guys snort a mountain of cocaine, and then do a show.

  31. i’m almost certain that you guys will get some kind of award for these blank jones podcasts at some point. this is really.. i dunno.. fresh. it’s just great and fresh and fun and spontaneous and anarchistic. awesome entertainment. not just this episode, but the whole concept. for me, it’s easily the best entertainment there is right now.

  32. Matt owns The Blank Jones

    this was fantastic

  33. My favourite BLANK Jone even though the topic at hand wasn’t really explored a lot. Laughed the most at this one.

  34. why not the blank jones most embarrassing story contest

  35. That was probably one of the funniest episodes you guys have ever done period.

  36. Ja’mie, from Summer Heights High?

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