While we got our first real glimpse at Kevin Durant’s ink during the playoffs, it looks like he’s been logging some serious hours in the tattoo shop during these summer months. With all of the traveling he’s been doing to play at every streetball court known to man, he’s been using his down time to get some pretty elaborate pieces finished.

Last night, @TattoosByRandy tweeted these photos of the work he had finished on Durant’s back. Below the words Maryland is an angel holding a basketball with hands signaling a 3 and 5 on either side. Durant wears No. 35 for his former AAU coach Charles Craig who was shot and killed on April 30th, 2005 at the age of 35.

It’s definitely a huge tattoo, but it’s one filled with a lot of meaning. From his coach to his hometown, Durant continues to make it clear that he isn’t about to forget where he came from or who helped him get to where he is today.

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  1. That is one boring mediocre back-piece. It baffles me how NBA players can make millions of dollars but still get the blandest ink available. Why not make an appointment with someone like Jeff Gogue, Thomas Hooper or Nick Baxter and put something amazing on yourself?

  2. you have to admit that for an NBA tattoo… it is pretty decent.. but I do agree… if NBA players took the same time spent on working on their game on their tattoos you would probably see some crazy ink …. #jussaying.com

  3. @Roja, It’s the lockout. people are scrapping for articles borderline relevant to the NBA. You can’t squeeze a barrel of oil out of a single olive.

    In lieu of this, do want in depth coverage of the existentially challenged summer league?

  4. oh wait i never read your post. my bad. wait no. screw you for writing something i didn’t fully read.

  5. @buttloverw2001tothemax, You know, I think I’d actually enjoy reading a comedic look at what is going on in the summer league* in some alternate universe where the lock-out did not happen.

    *-Bismack Biyombo is currently averaging 7.2 blocks and 17.2 fouls.

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