Kevin Durant like wing-y

I am a recent immigrant to a foreign country, and with that move, I am worried that I will not be able to find delicious wings covered in a variety of hot sauces of different heat and sweetness. Despite Toronto’s close proximity to Buffalo, New York, home of the hot wing, this is a legitimate concern. I need my wings, because it’s almost football season and there is nothing that goes better with broing down and watching football than hot wings.

Kevin Durant knows what I’m talking about. From the Oklahoman:

The truth is, at this point, the Thunder is far more concerned with Durant chilling out on chicken wings rather than increasing his chest press numbers. Because Durant, roughly three weeks shy of his 23 birthday, still has a tendency to eat like a college kid.

“I could eat a lot better,” Durant recently admitted.

The two-time scoring champ can cram wings with the best of them. Durant loves them so much that Wingstop this year was a sponsor at his annual basketball camp in Oklahoma City, and there’s been talk of Durant possibly signing on as a spokesman for the Texas-based chain. It’s just one of his many food fetishes.

This is basically a master class in marketing. Celebrities aren’t falling over each other to endorse Wingstop, but then a notable basketball player who everyone thinks is great happens to love their wings, so they sponsor his tournament and start talking with him about becoming an endorser. The fact that Kevin Durant is super skinny doesn’t hurt either, what with Michelle Obama’s health initiatives and all. Smart.

Of course, when you consider the Thunder seem to be legitimately concerned with Durant’s eating habits, maybe getting money to say, “Fried chicken wings are soooooooooo great” isn’t the best fit. Might anger some higher-ups in OKC, though I’m guessing they will be OK if the worst thing their franchise player does is endorse a delicious bar snack.

Besides, according to Durant, he’s working on changing his eating habits and making better food choices in order to stay healthier during the season. Most 22-year-olds have terrible diets, so a youngster loving wings is not surprising. Let’s just hope when he does start eating better, he doesn’t almost kill himself like that time Derrick Rose tried to eat an apple in bed. I haven’t been able to sleep on a mattress covered with cutlery since that horrifying incident, and I’m not sure I can handle another young star suffering a fruit-aided injury. Just be careful.