This is the definition of brand loyalty.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. In b4 Jennings isn’t as good a player as Lebron so how dare he speak ill of him….

  2. funny, but at least the Maryland uniforms were a choice.

    of a schizophrenic

  3. LeBron should’ve answered: “Just like your FG%” lol.

    Those uniforms were ugly tho… Under Armour stock has been going down pretty sharply today.

  4. I was wrong about the stock.. it ended alright lol

  5. Jennings has been on a roll dissin on players this summer. first kobe now lebron. while it is funny he needs to step up his game before anyone takes him seriously.

  6. Under Armour needs publicity right now, good or bad… That’s why all their stuff looks weird, they want to be noticed.
    Just like Jennings….

    At least they’re distinctive.

  7. wow… those uniforms suck.. but… those images were so funny… Jennings face is crazy

  8. Stone face Lebron.

    Sick uni’s though.

  9. lebron would have replied but hes too worried about his ”brand”
    you can tell his Public Relations reps have been scrambling to repair his ‘image’.

  10. Three years from now, when the lockout is lifted, Lebron will get a chance to exact his vengeance on the court.

    Stupid lockout.

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