It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we talk to The Basketball Jones’ editor and new Canadian, Trey Kerby. What skills does he have that the other four TBJ’ers don’t? What will he miss most about America? What lurks in his dark past? (Hint: It involves a Keg party, handcuffs and White Castle). And most importantly, what’s the weather like in Lombard, IL?


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Comments (23)

  1. He’s no Gavin McLeod, but he can captain my Love Boat any day.

  2. Welcome, Trey! May you never get arrested in Canada.

  3. Trey Kerby moves in silence like lasagna

  4. Before listening: “The Trey Kerby Jones”: “Oh God no!”


  5. I went to White Castle stone cold sober around midnight last week for the first time since, I think, 2002. It was a scary drive-thru line. I felt like I was going to get pulled over just for being in that line.

    Also, it was probably worth it. See you in 2020, White Castle!

  6. Also, leaving the house to go buy White Castle by yourself on an early Wednesday morning while your wife sleeps at home, and she doesn’t even know it, almost feels like having a sad, sad extramarital affair. So much shame.

  7. Totally an Applebees in Barrie!


  9. 20-30 global warming years from now, i’m def moving to canada

  10. Naperthrillian here.

    That White Castle on 59 is a death trap.

  11. Can’t imagine I’m the first or last to get busted trying to get some late night slider action.

  12. I haven’t listened to this yet, but it is already the best Blank Jones ever!

  13. Fuck. At least it isn’t “The dipshit who makes those terribly put-together, terribly written, turrible lists” Jones.

  14. Come back soon Tas, we miss you. Hope you get well.

  15. Well played, OBH.

  16. And the quote for the day…Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one.
    But hearing from everyone’s isn’t as useful one would think.

    Embrace the day people.

  17. skeets, if you don’t use the u, you can get the hell outta this contry.

  18. I hate Trey Kerby. Seriously, he sucked on Yahoo! Sports and he’s brought his Dane Cook-style American comedy that no one cares about. I hate Trey, I hate tacos and I hate Trey again.

    Possibly the worst TBJ and T[B]J ever. Go to hell Kerby which is where you came from.

  19. Those of you who love to hate Trey Kerby, you’re the loud minority. Most of us think he’s hilarious. And, clearly, the guys on TBJ feel that way too.

  20. Fave word: pussy
    Least fave: dicks
    Overall turn-on: bitches
    Turn-off: fat-Mexican-chicks (don’t ask)
    Fave curse: fuck
    Fave sound/noise: moaning
    Fave color: yellow
    Show felt naked w/o a Tas quote. Spicen up The Blank Jones w/ an ethnic chick instead of having a White sausage fest

  21. @ Jeff: Wow, You’re an idiot.

  22. SORRY JEFF!!! JD IS THE IDIOT!!!! Jeff….You’re AWESOME! Couldn’t agree more! Love Trey’s humor. Probably over JD’s head.

  23. Sunny, I was crushed for a moment there. But then you made it all better. ;)

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