How does a two-time NBA MVP follow up getting crossed over a fellow Canadian? By hanging out on stage with Nas during his Rock the Bells set (0:55 mark), of course. At least, that’s how Steve Nash does.

The Suns point guard has had a busy summer. Checking in with Dirk during the Finals, getting a highly coveted lap dance from Nicki Minaj and trading tweets with Bieber. Basically, he’s the coolest Canadian around.

Who doesn’t want to get a shout out from Nas?

(via I Am a GM)


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  1. I´m a little shocked by the photo of Dirk and Steve. Does Dirk smoke cigarettes or was Steve just joking? For me its really hard to tell from the picture.

    Does anybody know?

  2. @ Dan

    Germans are known to be prolific smokers. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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