This recently released NBA 2K12 trailer features footage of the NBA’s most iconic athletes including Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, Larry Bird, and, my personal favorite, Hakeem Olajuwon. Gamers can also take a look at footage of current stars including Dirk Nowitzki, Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin. And hot damn — check out Rondo’s drive around the 2:05 mark. Honestly, this shit’s so realistic that I’m starting to think the developers may have included lil’ pixilated versions of Melas and I in this game. TBJ Easter egg, anyone?

NBA 2K12 is available in stores Oct. 7.

(via Red’s Army)

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  1. Holy mother of God!
    Did I see a LJ while at hornets sighting?

  2. Yes you did Sparky! Also – make sure to check out the soundtrack for this one.. It’s an absolute banger.

  3. Zo getting rejected by Ewing. Ha.

  4. Lebron taking a step back three. AS REAL AS IT GETS.

  5. Bill Cartwright rejects Zo….lolllllll

  6. I wonder if you can actually play a game in black and white or with that old-school video look… Would be cool.

  7. @Breyzh:

    You used to be able to do that in the old FIFA series – you play with Brasil ’70 and Pele and you get the game in BW, old school ball, etc :)

  8. Yeah the old school games will have the old video effect. I also heard you can play as the 01-02 Sacramento Kings which should be fuckin’ amazing, I loved that squad.

  9. coopin the bird cover fasho

  10. @Stefan

    Yeah, I remember that from the World Cup 98 game. That was SO cool.

    Well that’s effin great! And yeah, I saw promo videos with C-Webb and Divac in Kings uni.

    Sad thing is: no Charles Barkley or Reggie Miller…

  11. howcome jordan has the wrong number on his jersey at 2:17

  12. what’s the name of this song?

  13. what’s the name of the song?

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