Jason Terry is turning 34 in a week, and he just won an NBA title, so of course he’s throwing something called a “Championship Birthday” celebration. What other kind of birthday celebration is he going to throw? A normal 34-year-old’s birthday party that all 34-year-olds throw themselves? Come on. Step your birthday game up. It has to be a Championship Birthday celebration or none at all.

But anyway, this Championship Birthday celebration sounds pretty legit. Lil Kim is going to be there, so you know it’s going to be good. $40 is a perfect price (only $30 for ladies!) for a Jadakiss performance, plus you might get to see Jamie Foxx wandering around. Just make sure you wear “All blue errythang” or else you’re going to get kicked out. Dress code is dress code.

So let’s all meet there, next Thursday at eM in Dallas at 9:00 sharp. Be there or be square. It’s hosted by “celebrity guests and his world champion teammates,” so you’re not going to want to miss out. Your dad might be there and he loves to party. Can’t wait.

(via BDL)