It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show we belatedly celebrate Labor Day with a show about our worst jobs. What’s it like to carry a dead man into a freezer? Why is group calisthenics an important part of building automotive frames? What is a “Fax Boy”? And how many times can you hear “Pass The Dutchie” before you kill yourself? All that, plus lobsters, laser tag and an important announcement regarding next week’s shows. So listen to this and stick it to the man!

And, oh, if you haven’t done so already, please give generously to our Rock The Court charity basketball team. All proceeds go to Athletes for Africa and the St. Alban’s Boys & Girls Club. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Yeap, Win Butler is pretty good, played with him at University in the Garbagemen (talk to him about it). Cheers guys, enjoy !

    Alex, a Québécois lost in Marseille and France since 2005.

  2. Matt

    this generation rules the nation with… version?

    it sounds stupid but that’s what the internets tell me :)

    I was working night shift at Tesco stocking shelves. We had a 40min CD on loop for full 8 hours. I almost shot myself after two weeks.

  3. Wow, that was awesome. I still want a WNBA Jones – but Eurobasket sounds good too.
    I definitely don’t mind the longer shows, but that’s because I don’t have a real job and I sit in my basement drawing all day.
    Welcome to Canada, Trey!

  4. Your Jamaican accent is awful :D sounds like a transylvanian vampire

  5. I always said “Prussia”, even though I knew it was totally wrong.

    I never pronounced “Dutchie” as “Dootchie” though. Props to Matt for being original.

  6. I really want to watch Contagion now just because of how often you’d plug that movie. they should be paying you, forreal

  7. OH AND CITY AND COLOUR IS GONNA PLAY IN THAT CHARITY GAME TOO!? Man I’m jealous I can’t go and that i’m all the way in California

  8. Hi guys, the audio won’t play for me. I’ve also tried “download the .mp3 directly”, and that doesn’t connect to any webpage. Anybody else having this problem?

    Just wondering if it’s something to do with the server on your end, or a problem on mine

  9. Works here, hamond. Have you tried the iTunes route?

  10. JD just casually mentions the most interesting shit ever! I think we need The J.D. Jones.

  11. office jobs – “you can do all the work you need to in 2-3 hours”…really? having worked an “office” job for 12+ years, i say thats bullshit. sorry matt, but i know a lot of people in office jobs, and there is no way you could get a normal day’s worth of work done in 2-3 hours. i know i couldn’t (and i get to work from home occasionally). maybe for pissant roles like accounts or something, where you only have to respond to incoming work tasks, it may be true, but for more technical roles (like mine, and a lot of people i know) there is an endless stream of work.

    (of course, the irony here is i’m typing this sitting at my desk at work……)

    longer blank jones is good.

  12. Worst Job: Easter Bunny, Stratford Mall

  13. I’d say 45 min max, keep it up! I fcuking love laser tag! Haven’t played in years though and I sucked. IN THEATRES EVERYWHERE! Mat’s laugh is still classic

  14. trey kerby is a great addition to the show. good job! #ManChemistry

  15. Dub — I know you caught my “Mad Hatter” drop. (That was Grisham, right?) LOL!

  16. i work at a hospital and actually applied to be a patient transporter but they never got back to me. ive seen a few dead bodies as well, i guess if you work at a hospital long enough your bound to see one eventually. the blank jones should always be longer. id like a “bad dates” jones because ive had a few of those that id like to forget.

  17. 1) I asked for Kerby to be in the Blank Jones like 5 times, it’s awesome, I feel vindicated.
    2) It was me who raised the question of bad jobs in an Overdose episode a long time ago, Skeets talked about garlic picking. I felt vindicated.
    3) What the hell was J.D doing to get to work Australia and Greece?! Why do we not know more about this man?!
    4) Matt is starting to become a bitching host.
    5) Fuck Eurobasket. That’s from a European, keep doing this it’s awesome, I’d even argue that you guys do this instead of the overdose once a week when/if the season begins, this has become an insanely entertainingly podcast to listen to twice a week, I genuinely look forward to listening to it at work on Wednesdays and Fridays.

  18. I almost don’t want you guys to talk about eurobasket, even though it’s pretty good right now…. these blank jones have been pretty funny.

  19. Appreciate the feedback, guys. Keep it coming.

    And, hey, maybe we’ll do a 10/15-minute EuroBasket ‘cast AND continue to do the [BLANK] Jones next week.

    Hmmm …

  20. they need to replace that old man from the Dos Equis commercial with J.D, theres a new most interesting man in the world

  21. I agree a JD Jone would be great…he doesn’t say much but hen he does it’s amazing! Also my name is Brodie and it sounds exactly like something I would do in that plant…I guess we can’t escape the name.

  22. The Blank Jones podcasts are awesome, keep them coming…the longer the better…

    Not interested in eurobasketball podcast….just keep doing the blank jones…

    Great work guys.

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