Hope you guys weren’t planning on getting much sleep tonight, because these Kevin Garnett dolls are going to be all up in your dream’s face, totally messing with you. Watching. Waiting. Preparing to strike the second you doze off. Open your eyes, and they turn back to plastic. Super creepy.

They come from Anta, KG’s shoe of choice the past couple of seasons, and they’re free with a purchase of last year’s signature shoes. Anything to get these out of the storeroom, I guess. Just imagine thousands of these lined up on shelves in a warehouse, with those evil eyes and terrifying goatees. Yikes-a-roni.

Rumor has it that each of these dolls is imbued with a tiny piece of KG’s soul, making these itty bitty pieces of plastic even more scary. Do not leave these unattended.

(via Red’s Army)