John Wall turned 21 on Tuesday, opening up a whole new world of opportunities that he has surely never experienced. For instance, now that he’s 21, he’ll probably get a nice break on his car insurance, which is something I’m sure he’s worried about. In a lockout, every dollar counts.

Anyway, since he’s now a legal adult, Reebok’s releasing a special version of Wall’s second signature shoe, the Zig Encore, in something they’re calling the “Grown Ass Man Edition” because he’s fancy. Only 21 pairs of the shoes are being made available to the public, and they’re all being sold at the Footlocker store in Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC, so good luck getting your hands on these. If you do, congratulations, because you get a real snazzy box to store them in since you’re probably not going to want to ruin these by stepping in dog doo-doo. A true gentleman always keeps his shoes in pristine condition.

Detailed photos after the jump for all you grown-ups out there.

Grown ass men keep two dollar bills in their money clips.

Grown ass men make sure you know they are grown by putting it in their shoes.

Grown ass men put wooden shoe trees in their sneakers…

…and then they store them in wooden boxes with their pretty cool logos on it.

And, of course, grown ass men usually wear pinstripes.

Looks like he’s got this whole thing covered. All he needs now are the license plates.

(via SLAM)