Ever since his college days at Duke University, Shane Battier’s been known as a master of modern charge-taking. It’s a definite skill and he’s long been one of the best, so why not ask him about the specifics of drawing offensive fouls on NBA players? That’s what Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams did, and Battier confirmed a lot of our suspicions.

Grantland: Who is the toughest guy in the league to take a charge on?

Battier: “The toughest guy is probably Dwyane Wade because he probably has the best Euro-step, so he can avoid contact pretty well to avoid the charge and make it a blocking call. But the most painful is probably LeBron in the open court, which I don’t try to do too often. I think I’m the only person — and this is a badge of honor or a sign of stupidity, I don’t know which one — to take a charge from Yao Ming and Shaq in the open court and live to tell about it. A charge from Shaq on a fast break my rookie year and it was the dumbest thing I ever did in my entire life.”

Pretty much what you’d expect, I think. We’ve all seen Dwyane Wade’s Euro-step embarrass people time and time again, so it makes sense he’d be hard to take a charge on. We’ve all seen how muscular and fast LeBron James is and are aware of the formula for momentum (\mathbf{p} = m\mathbf{v}), so it also makes sense that taking a charge from him in the open court is very painful. And obviously, getting smashed in to by anyone who weighs more than 300 pounds is a terrible idea.

Nothing terribly new here, but if any NBA head coaches out there are reading TBJ, they should pass this info on to their teams. That way, none of their guys embarrass themselves trying to take charges against the Heat. Sounds like you either look like a fool or get your chest caved in. Neither of those are desirable outcomes.