Despite the fact that Hubert Humphrey and the guy who created “The Sims” both hail from the same college, Shaquille O’Neal is undoubtedly Louisiana State University’s most famous alumni. Ergo, he gets a statue. Lucky for him, he doesn’t actually have to be the statue, because that would get in the way of his television gig. Consider that bullet dodged.

Cool statue, too. Love the classic Shaq dunk pose that’s appeared everywhere from shoes to Matt Geiger’s face. Yeah, it kind of looks like he’s on a toilet, but what other pose are you going to use for Shaquille O’Neal? I guess his free throw pose is fairly recognizable, what with the ball all tiny in his gigantic hands and his eyes nearly crossed, but 52 percent isn’t something you want to immortalize with a statue.

In related news, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has contacted his alma mater, UCLA, because he wants his own statue. He won way more National Championships, Most Outstanding Players and College Player of the Year awards than Shaq did in college, so it’s only fair.