Everything about this is great. Not only is Nike actually making the Air Mag from “Back to the Future Part II,” complete with light-up detailing. Not only is Bill Hader getting some of that sweet Nike money. And not only is Christopher Lloyd still alive and kicking, but all the proceeds from the 1,500 pairs that were produced and will be auctioned on eBay go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is a perfect combination of product tie-in and charity donation.

Sure, that means they’re going to be super expensive, but we all agree that this is worth it for a number of reasons. So good.

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  1. Words. Can’t. Describe. This.

  2. I like the commercial… i think they coulda did a little more… but dang, KD cant act…

  3. This is awesome! But, I have to agree with Andre. KD is a ridiculously bad actor.

  4. His acting wasn’t that bad, he’s no Ray Allen either but I’ve seen worse. Oh and I see my boy Tinker Hatfield makes a little appearance in this too, he’s designed some of the best Jordans to ever come out.

  5. He’s kind of on an Hansborough level… They wont give him too many lines because they know he’ll screw them up….

    Man, even Rose seems more natural.

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