Back when I was a freshman in college, there was this older girl who was a Biology major who loved to impart wisdom to us youngsters. She was kind of cute, very fun and seemed like she knew what was going on, so when she told us she liked to dress up for tests because “You can’t expect to do good if you don’t look good,” we listened. In retrospect, the fact that she was a junior in first year classes should have been a sign that she might not be the best person to seek advice from with regards to schooling, but it’s a lesson that I’ve remembered and ignored since then.

It seems that Chris Bosh also subscribes to this theory, even though he’s probably never met this girl. From New York magazine’s The Cut:

“We always have that infamous walk from the bus to our locker room and that’s when a lot of camera time is involved. People watch that a lot. They always show that on TV. You always want to make sure you have your clothes right and make sure you’re looking good, and for me it helps with my game, because it makes me more serious, it puts me in the mood to go out there and do my job.”

Well, it is good to know that Chris Bosh has no problem with the NBA’s dress code, as if that weren’t obvious before. In fact, I bet a lot of guys feel the same way he does, which is why you see all these dudes looking their fanciest even though they’re only getting eight seconds of TV time in their finest duds if they’re lucky. I’m not entirely sure how wearing a three-piece suit and a trilby makes you more serious, but then again, I am not a professional athlete.

Maybe dressing well really is the secret to success. As they say, “The clothes make the man be able to sometimes make wide-open 18-foot jumpshots.”