Hard to pick a favorite line here. “No push-off,” “Sorry Showtime” and “Even with the flu” are all pretty great since they’re actually coming from Michael Jordan, who surely insisted that he be allowed to diss the teams he beat in the Finals. Just seems like something he’d do, which is why I’d be wary of entering this contest he’s promoting. Sending in a YouTube video questioning Michael Jordan’s dominance is more than enough to make a very powerful enemy who never forgets.

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  1. i like these videos it shows how much Michael Jordan knows about the nba he said the 91,92,93 bulls teams were the first to three-peat but they werent not by a long shot the 59-66 celtics were the first and only to repeat 8 years straight theres a True dynasty for you, you dont see bill russell brag about his 11 rings almost double michael and yes i know there was only 9 teams back then, but it wasent about that it was about how many rings according to mj, so he isent even close to the best player ring wise, so please stop braging about your rings when there are alot more players that can show you up, just a thaught, and also how come Michael only dose commercials were he can brag and say he is better then every one else, like the hanyes commercials i read an articale here about it actually just a thaught michael jordans too full of him self

  2. Sorry Nickolas you’re hearing waht you’d like to hear in this. He said first three-peat, period. Not first three-peat of the NBA or something else. It’s meant first for the Bulls ;-)

  3. HIS first three peat.

  4. lol I thought he said 98 Balls

  5. What no Bobcats teams in there MJ?

  6. i liked the 2002 washington wizards myself

  7. @Nickolas, dude learn to spell thought because “thaught” is not a word. When people try to make a point it seems to get lost when they can’t spell. Also he did mean his first 3-peat.

  8. @Nickolas
    Only 8 teams until ’61. Check your facts.

    You actually Michael Jordan knows “not much” about the NBA when he’s played for two decades in it, whereas you probably haven’t done more than watch/read about it.

    And if you actually think that “many players” can actually “show him off”, you’re REALLY lacking NBA knowledge yourself.

    The man brags because he actually IS better than everyone else. Try and prove him wrong.

    • You are completely right .. There no one in the NBA or on earth that is better than Michael Jordan, there is only one person that can compete with Jordan and that’s God.

  9. If Jordan thinks beating the 1991 Vlade Divac Lakers means any of his teams were better than ‘Showtime’, he’s delusional. Jordan entered the league in 1985? He coulda had a piece of the REAL Lakers in the Finals in 1985, 1987 or 1988 had he shown up. But he was off playing golf badly by then. Give me the ’83 Sixers, ’86 Celtics or ’87 Lakers—–just for starters over any team he was on. And he was the best MARKETED player of all-time… but not the best player. He played on too many .500 or worse teams to make that claim.

  10. Thanks!
    Giles Boyce

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