We’ve seen LeBron James’ newest Nikes before, but we haven’t seen them done up like this, in a special “Miami” colorway that is kind of half Hurricanes/half Dolphins. Just like last year, the Swoosh will be releasing this limited edition makeup to coincide with LeBron’s latest signature shoe, the LeBron 9. I like ‘em, but orange is my favorite color. Your usage may vary.

No details for the debut are available, but if it’s anything like the South Beach 8s, these should be a hot ticket and will end up as one of the year’s most talked about releases. At the very least, they’ll probably end up as the best orange-soled shoes LeBron’s never worn on the court, which is a pretty significant accomplishment in and of itself.

(via Sneaker Freaker)

Comments (8)

  1. _____________The worst________________

  2. Half hurricane/Half Dolphin/Half Ugly

  3. id rather wear plastic bags on my feet.

  4. Looks like a zine from Russia.

  5. peak is better. lol

  6. Why is there a razor on the back of the shoe?

  7. to make his hairline straight

  8. LOL to make his hairline straight!!!! to funny..

    ya those shoes are ugly…

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