It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show we catch up on a sporty weekend in Jonesland. Skeets and Trey joined NBA players and The Arcade Fire’s Win Butler in a charity basketball tournament, while Tas joined the Rounders for a provincial softball tourney. Find out what it’s like to play against an NBA player who’s actually trying, what it’s like to be a grown man sharing a double bed with six of your best friends, and why leading a Grammy winning band is like leading a basketball team.

LINK: TURF presents Blogs With Balls 4 hosted by Bloomberg Sports


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Comments (11)

  1. i was one of the guys asking “wheres the other guy?” just kidding tas.

  2. Matt actually requested that Arcade Fire track :-)

  3. oh an Win Butler was the steal of the draft. dude wins the 3pt competition, and takes the Jones to the finals.

  4. Hey I thought you would start covering the Euro this week, with its many NBA stars and a strong competition, when are you starting?

  5. @bluedouglas EuroBasket podcasts start tomorrow.

  6. Just voted in that TURF thingy…it was a tough call, Trey. I saw you up against Drew Magary and I had to decide which I liked more–’90s pop culture references or profanity and pooh jokes. I dug deep and voted for you. Much love from a long-time fan from Albany, NY…maybe I’ll see you guys down in the big city!

  7. BlueDouglas: Mini-EuroBasket video podcasts start today, good sir. Keep an eye.

  8. Great show again, I listening while walking in the street and looked like a weirdo for laughing out loud ;-)

    I was also dying of envy ! Jeff Ament !! I would already love to participate in a tournament with NBA players but as I’m also a long time fan of Pearl Jam, this would be too cool… And before you say it, I couldn’t be there because there’s something like an ocean to cross ;-)

    Cool fact about Pearl Jam : first name of the band was Mookie Blaylock. Yup, like the NBA player !

  9. Ay fuck you Mat. Ouch, Tas friends are sad. You don’t fuck with the Bonner. Olajuwon Raps jersey roflcopter did anyone wear Jerome Williams

  10. Tried to listen to this podcast, (I know it’s a year old, but I’m interested to hear how it went), but it isn’t playing. Couldn’t download it either :(

  11. Guys, link appears to be broken and can’t be played through the flash player.

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