Here is a fun question to ponder after watching this ad for Gordon Hayward’s video game expeditions: Who is more awkward in this ad, Gordon Hayward or the dorks who teach him about Starcraft then get dunked on? It’s a real brain-buster.

While you figure out that conundrum, I’ll be ordering that Boom Tho shirt Gordo’s wearing. Hi, Rod Benson.

(via SLC Dunk)

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  1. Is there a big market of gamers who are Gordon Hayward fans? Who are these commercials targeted at?

  2. Name one gamer who doesn’t love Gordon Hayward? You can’t. (Because you can’t name any gamers.)

  3. Hey just thought I would comment as a fan of both Starcraft and the NBA. They signed Gordon to do these ads to bring more awareness to their tournament and I would say they are successful so far. The Starcraft community has a hard time convincing people that enjoying professional Starcraft is the same as enjoying any professional sport. Having a player in the NBA show that this is a fun game that has just as much to offer a fan as basketball does is really what everyone’s hope is.

  4. This may be the first time (since HS anyway) that Gordon Heyward was caught on video being better at basketball then anyone else on the court.

  5. I’m guessing Finn has never watched any NCAA basketball.

  6. @Alex
    Dude, it’s not the same, at all…

    I’ve watched a few games and played some too, and it’s just facking boring to watch…
    You have a defined number of strategies, and nobody’s gonna come up with a new move (think: Tim Hardaway’s crossover) that’s gonna change the way people play, because Blizzard worked for years to avoid it, while bball has evolved on its own.
    And how is it more of a sport/competition than any RTS or FPS?

    I never had my mind blowned by anybody’s videogame playing style, but it has been by Deriick Rose, for instance.

  7. so this post disses ‘gamers’ yet its the same blog that’s pimping 2K12 so hard! like it or not, if you play video games, you’re considered a gamer.

    it always makes me laugh when a fans of one type of game disses another just because they don’t play the same stuff. You’re still sitting in front of the tele with the controller in your hands. You’re still playing in your virtual environment. And there’s still the same amount of hours poured into creating and leveling up your own nba player as say, a japanese roll playing game character. Changing clothes and kicks for your point guard? Its just the same as outfitting your hero w/the best weapons and potions.

    Like alex, i’m into basketball and starcraft. i ball with the same friends as i do in sc. so there is *some* crossover there (and btw, i can name two of those “nerds” in the video)

    @Breyh: just because you’re not into starcraft, doesn’t mean fans can’t get excited about it. I’m not into baseball and couldn’t give two sh1ts about it, but if fans enjoy it, who am I to tell them not to?

  8. @chin
    Thing is: all those “fans” play on a regular basis. A few friends of mine got really into sc a while back. When they stopped playing, they stopped watching.
    There are a lot of people who follow sports but don’t play it… Is it the same for any video game?

    I’m a gamer, but it’s just very different from sports…. More comparable to chess, if you really want to make comparisons.

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