Look at this guy, rolling to the basket for some easy alley-oops like his name is Marcin Gortat or 2008 Tyson Chandler. It’s OK to get a little bit excited, Raptors fans. Just a little.

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  1. The German inside me cried. The basketball fan jumped of his couch when I saw this.

  2. Looks like Jonas just made Jose Calderon a little more useful.

  3. imo he is a greater talent than Rubio and already a more NBA-ready player.

    but like bassti said, it was horrible seeing him destroy the german team -_-

  4. i hope sarunas jasikevicius will come back to the NBA

  5. Imagine if he can a few years earlier, Hedo would still be on the Raps.

  6. Highlights of french team and Nicolas Batum : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoBQYRWNt5c

  7. @kyley b
    He’s, like, 35… No way… Too bad ‘tho.

  8. How did ball get so big in Lithuania?

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