On today’s inaugural EuroBasket 2011 episode, Skeets and Tas try to shake off the vidcast cobwebs to breakdown our first two quarterfinal games. Topics include: Macedonia’s shocking win over Lithuania, Songalia’s late brain fart, Bo McCalebb splitting the D, Jonas Valanciunas’ brutal box score, over-the-top security, large flags, Spain’s zone defense, La Bomba’s FIBA-skills, European cars, Renee Paquette, and more. Ah, it’s good to be back!


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  1. One correction: Big Euro basketball fan Alberto reminds me (via Twitter) that Darius Songaila didn’t call a timeout because in FIBA, players can’t call timeouts. I totally forgot that rule. My bad.

  2. On the timeouts, coaches have to report it to the scorers table in advance, and then once a deadball takes place, the timeout gets called. Have to report it before play stops for it to be official, players can’t call them, and the clock has to be stopped for it to be given.

  3. I guess a lot of people picked up on that mistake. Not a biggie. Songaila’s move was dumb either way.

  4. why did you start to comment on the fiba tournament only just now?!? i really love the blank jones, but c’mon we’re all on a basketball diet here! ^^
    whatever, nice show! liked the slomo-thing.
    serbia and france no question.

  5. About the flag, it just looks nice: http://topka.mk/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/zname-makedonija.jpg :) Btw, here are some photos from the celebration on the main square: http://www.kurir.mk/sport/kosarka/42332-FOTO-Makedonija-znae-da-pobeduva-no-i-da-slavi

  6. Thanks! I’ve loved the blank Jones, but I’ve been jonesin for some good basketball podcasting.

  7. Nice to see you talk basketball again. Thanks for covering the Euros11. France and Russia, maybe because of Teodosic…

  8. can’t really pick the teams to advance because anything can happen, but i hope for serbia and france. Teodosic vs Parker pt.2, the matchup between their teams in group play was probably one of the best games of the tournament.

    btw very nice podcast. Do you plan to cover the Euroleague if the NBA lockout continues? That would be awesome.

    big ups from germany

  9. @tas really doubt McCalebb is left handed

  10. Are you going to bring in a couch so Trey can start blogging like he did at home? That chair looks uncomfortable.

  11. @Danga: Yeah, definitely not. Just brain farting all over the place. Some “DUUUUUUH!” moments in this show for sure, like, we forgot to mention Calderon’s ankle injury, which is still unclear in terms of it’s severity.

    @MTL_Dave: I come in to the office and the lights are shut off – Trey just sitting in the dark alone. He’s trying to move us towards his couch/bed/darkness ways.

  12. What do you gusy think about fiba time out rule?

    I think it’s great rule that you cannot call time out when ball is alive.That way players have to be smart.(unlike Songalia) Also last minuites doesn’t take forever to finish.

  13. Nice podcast!! I saw Spain-Lithuania a onth ago here in Madrid and was hoping to see both of them again in semifinals, but I’m happy for the macedonians…

    All the heat with Dragic, and Calderon’s injury, all came from a friendly game both teams played some weeks ago. I never thought Dragic was such a dirty player…

    I wanna see Greece and Serbia in the semifinals…

    Please keep covering the Euro11!!!

  14. Basketball at last. Also loving the coverage. Next year maybe from the beginning on? ;)

  15. Who the fuck is Bo McCalebb? JCN provided nice 3PM for fantasy. Hi Renee!

  16. at last guys ! waited and waited for that…

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