Here are 12 mind-bending minutes of Chris Bosh and Skip Bayless talking about Bayless calling Bosh “Bosh Spice” on ESPN’s “First Take.” It’s nice that they could have this peer mediation session or else they probably both would have had to go to the principal’s office and Skip’s already got in trouble like five times and his mom will be super mad if he gets another detention.

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  1. Skip Bayless is an idiot. Chris Bosh, while awkward, handles with class. The Sun is bright. Water is wet.

  2. Can Skip Bayless be any more of a dick? Wow.

  3. Bosh always handles with honor and class like “Bigdog” says. I’ve always respected Bosh and always will have tons of it for him. Skip should shut his mouth and kiss BC’s ass!!

  4. Further evidence. Skip Bayless has never had intercourse.

  5. Bosh Spice is the most outdated nickname since… well, since “The Heatles”, which Skip seems to enjoy a lot too…

  6. Skip Bayless is the worst

  7. I think “the heatles” is gay.. and so is Bosh Spice… Skip Bayless is a loser. As for chris bosh, the way you talk about toronto, I hate it. I hope they NEVER win a championship and become the Bills of the nba (4 times to the finals, 0 wins.)

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