Carmelo Anthony is in New York City now, which means he’s super in to fashion which means he needs a pair of shoes that reflects that or else he might lose his gold star. Enter the Jordan Melo M8, Anthony’s latest signature shoe. If you’re a Knicks fan, I’m guessing you’re going to like these.

The shoes, which release October 6, steal design elements from a few Nike favorites. You’ve got the Flywire upper that keeps things light and has been a staple for performance hoops shoes since the first Hyperdunk. You’ve got a patent leather midsole, just like the best shoe ever, the Air Jordan XI. You’ve got Melo’s backstory on the tongue — Born in Brooklyn, Manufactured in Baltimore, Model No. 7 — which is the kind of thing that is showing up on all kinds of shoes lately. The M8 might not be the most advanced shoe ever done, but Carmelo’s shoes have always been really comfortable, so I’m guessing that’s the case here.

Looks-wise, I’ll take the whites. The black version is fine, but I’ve never been crazy about the black on the Knicks uniforms, and this is obviously a play on that. For whatever reason, the black/blue/orange color scheme reads very mid-’90s to me, and kind of remind me a little too much of a pair of Starburys. The white ones though, look very clean and simple and a teensy bit flashy without being over-designed. That’s a win in my book.

No price yet, but you can expect to drop between $130-150 when they release. Detailed shots after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

(via Foot Locker Unlocked)