Way back in June, Mark Jackson was hired as the Golden State Warriors head coach to much surprise. Kind of. We all knew he’d get a job eventually, but we’re still kind of shocked someone would want Mr. Hand Down Man Down as their basketball coach. It’s not that he’ll be a bad coach — we can’t know that yet — it’s just that he’s always seemed more interested in saying nonsense catchphrases than analyzing basketball. “Momma there goes that man” doesn’t go very far in a sideline huddle.

But it’s not just us hoopheads that are confused about Mark Jackson’s hiring anymore. It’s Warriors fans too, thanks to Jackson bringing up something most Golden State fans haven’t heard of in quite some time. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

In his first meeting with Warriors fans, new coach Mark Jackson started an impromptu chant of “De-fense” among a confused audience, which has rarely heard that word while missing the playoffs 16 of the past 17 seasons.

I am sure this is just a little creative scene-setting, but it is really funny to imagine Warriors fans being completely befuddled by some former commentator chanting “DE-FENSE, DE-FENSE” over and over while they’re trying to figure out what he’s talking about. After three straight seasons of being in the bottom five in the league for defensive efficiency, that would be understandable.

Not to mention, this won’t be the last time they have no idea what Mark Jackson is talking about. Might as well get used to it.

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  1. Is he saying…”ELL-is? ELL-is?” SHOOT IT MORE MONTA!

  2. i like mark jackson.. hope he does well and teaches them some “defense” lol

  3. Funny, this coming from the guy who’s repeatedly said “I’ll take good offense over good defense any day” for years and years on broadcasts. Even Jeff Van Gundy gave up calling him out on that after a while.

    I think that unless he’s got great assistants, he’ll never coach a playoff team.

  4. Really? We were never confused about the “defense” chant at the games I was at.

    It’s a fun story, and I see the point the writer is trying to make, but the only thing worst than a made up story is people believing a made up story.

  5. Seriously Mr Kerby, enough with the Mark Jackson bashing, I play basketball regularly an everyone quotes and understands “Hand down man down”. Its obvious what he means, if you don’t have your hand up (“Hand down”) guarding someone they’ll shoot over you , giving the shooter pretty much an open shot, hence, “man down”.

    You seem to have some sort of Vendetta against Mark Jackson… I can understand Reggie Miller, he is terrible, has no discernible quotes and really is the damp squib standard in basketball commentary. Just lay of Mark Jackson, comparing the two is insulting.

    He was a great PG, a good commentator and is yet to be seen what kind of coach he will make. He is clearly attempting to take the Warriors in the right direction so this Jackson bashing is obscene. Even if you hate his commentay guts, which I really do’t get, everything he has said as a coach makes perfect sense. Enough really.

    PS. Its “great offense beats great defense”… the warriors defense and the word great have not been uttered in basketballing commentary for a very long time. This is clearly a smart move by Jackson, if they keep things the same on offense and improve on defense, or at least slow things down a bit, they’ll be much better for it.

    Wow, Rant alert.

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