On today’s EuroBasket episode, Skeets and Tas tackle the final two quarterfinal games: France-Greece and Russia-Serbia. Topics include: Les Bleus’ three-headed monster (Parker, Batum and Spurs’ draftee De Colo), the depleted Greek roster, Joakim Noah’s sister, my main man Milos Teodosic’s rough day, the Russian’s constant penetration, Kirilenko’s box score and dragon tattoo, Mozgov’s feet, Angry Birds, and much more. Enjoy.


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Comments (4)

  1. Hi guys !
    Thanks for the nice euro talk !

    about french victory,
    I think you forgot to mention Flo Pietrus (Mike’s elder brother) who did a great job on the defensive end and grabbed some huge rebounds in the second half. plus : his wife is beautiful. almost as beautiful as Jooks’ sister. by the way, since yesterday i know her name. it’s a pretty nice name.

  2. I’ll exile myself from Spain if we lose against Macedonia…

    Great Podcast guys! :)

  3. spain vs france in the final! dis gon be a fine one^^

  4. Kosta Qweefos. Fellow grad in high school was named Harry Koulos, no lie. Excuses, excuses Tas.

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