At least that is what I’m guessing from him high-fiving that anthropomorphic O apple thing. Can’t really be sure since I don’t speak French, but it makes sense. If you visit his house, that’s what he’s cooking.

Dessert, of course, is baguettes, which is also the appetizer and main entrée.

(via Spurs Nation)

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  1. mmmmmmmm bibliothèque…

  2. It says something like this :

    (background voice) – On the court, Tony Parker has his own resipe to entertain us

    (TP) – But at home, to entertain my guests, i use Toupargel, blablabla…

    And then the voice tell us Toupargel is a specialist in frozen vegetables. And I thought all NBA players had chef cooking them great meals ;-)

  3. @oldschool
    you left out the really awkward “Yum, that is super tasty” part that makes this commercial good.

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