In today’s post-Xbox world of microprocessors, optical flash memory and fiber optics, realism in video games is of the utmost importance. Unless you are NBA Jam, then it’s kind of whatever. But most of the time, you want games to be as realistic as possible. Every detail, every tiny facet of the game and every little thing that can be added should be added, just so it feels like you are part of the game. That is the only way to truly plug in and become pure energy.

It is that quest for realism that has led 2K Sports to add a hilarious Easter Egg for all the draftniks out there. From the 2K12 Facebook page (kind of a spoiler if you’re super nerdy about sports games):

Once you continue past the Mock Draft, the NBA Draft will finally commence. Herein lies the first surprise that I’ve been dying to tell everyone about for a long time. Through our great partnership with the NBA, I’m extremely proud to announce that were able to get Mr. David Stern into the studio to record all necessary audio required to have him announce the entire 1st round of the draft (Association Spoiler: Our great partnership also allowed us to secure Deputy Commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver. When the 2nd Round of the draft rolls around, Mr. Silver will walk onto the stage and call out the remainder of the draft. Now seriously, how many other sports games out there would go to this level of detail to bring you what you truly want? Answer: None).

That’s right. When you create virtual Phillip Adler in My Player mode, David Stern will announce him as a first round draft pick. And if he kind of sucks, then Adam Silver will do it instead, presumably with that sense of jubilation and wonderment that Silver has because he is not a cruel, calculating commissioner yet. That is a pretty great addition, especially if you give your player a hilarious name and make David Stern say something stupid like “Ihavea Badbeard.” Just workshopping here, but there are a lot of options.

Now all they have to do is allow you to throw bounce passes when you want to and it’ll be just like a real NBA game. Well, that and make it so you can’t turn the game on until January. Add those two things and we’re set.

(via Kotaku/BDL)

Comments (14)

  1. But the T-Wolves already have Brad Miller…

    He would be a pretty good mentor, that I admit.


  2. Why would I create Phillip Adler when I can create Phillip Elder?

  3. Way different people.

  4. Is David Stern making a duck face in that screencap?

  5. Trey just wants in on the chewing butts with Brad Miller

  6. oh come on, david stern’s head is NOT that square

  7. Didnt you go to school in the Midwest US? Hogwarts U?

  8. Don’t lie Trey, we all know youre more than 185 pounds

  9. Everything said in this thread is true. I went to school in the Midwest. I want to play for the Timberwolves so I can chew butt with Brad Miller. I weigh more than 185 pounds. Guilty as charged.

  10. NBA 2K just hasn’t quite figured out necks yet.

  11. I can’t decide who looks sadder up there, Stern or Trey

  12. With a fg and 3pt percentage of 20 and averaging 2 ppg. And still getting picked at 20th? Yeah its all about realism.

  13. 3ppg man. 3. Not 2. Three.

  14. We do have to realize it’s the T-Wolves so the 3 ppg would probably be a plus.

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